• Yes yes yes

    Really yeah very yea yeah yeah yeah hell to the yeah your mum is yeah your dad is yeah and obama is yeah. So yeah....................Yeah yah yes no.......... I mean yeah i wonder if any one will read this. Hell to the yeah man this is so yeah right noew

  • No, science is the new society.

    I believe that science has further evolved society more than anything else in the world. Because of science, we live longer. When we really think about it, science is literally everywhere. We have new things made everyday because of science. They have help us understand ourselves as humans and what is out there in the world. Science is everything.

  • Not at all

    Talking of ‘playing God’, Aside from assuming the existence of a deity that many people in this day and age do not believe in, Implies a violation of set boundaries. What boundaries? Set by whom? Any attempt to define them runs into problems of definition. In actual fact, The proposition is simply afraid of things it knows nothing about. There is nothing wrong with the principle of scientific advance; the accusation that we are meddling in areas we do not understand is a call for better regulation of scientific enquiry, Not its abolition.

  • Clearly not at all.

    Science is a study, not a person. People destroy when they use science. Science is not able to be moralized. People are. Therefore the threat is through people, not science. Science cannot be personified. It is like saying that guns kill people. People kill. They sometimes use guns to do it. Guns are never the problem. People are. Science is merely a tool that is used to help us explain our questions. It cannot threaten. That is reserved for some living organisms. Simple really.

  • Not at all

    No, I think that science is the best thing that is going to help out the modern world, since it its the only way that we can find ways to fix a lot of the trouble that we are having with the world as it is right now in present.

  • Science has provided society with cures to diseases and discoveries in the medical field.

    Science, although controversial has provided society with vaccinations to chicken pox and H1N1; and has also designed amazing medical treatments. For examples diabetics can now where a insulin box that automatically checks their sugar and administers insulin to their systems. If anything science has bettered modern society. And with science making huge strides in cures for life threatening disease, infertility and many other medical otr

  • No, I don't believe science is a threat to modern society.

    Science has been the leading cause of some of the greatest breakthroughs in recent history, everything from technology to life saving medical improvements have come out in recent decades that have effected everyone and everything for the better, overall I think science is a great benefit to a modern society.

  • Science brings us together.

    No, I do not think that science is a threat to modern society, because science is a way that we can all come together. Science enhances our lives by helping us living longer and by helping us exchange information in a new digital era. Our lives are so much better with science.

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