• Yes I do.

    I think someday that science can and will prove that we people have human souls. I like to think we haven't discovered it yet because we still do not fully understand every aspect of the body. We have parts of the brain they do not even know what it does yet - I bet that is where it is located.

  • The human soul is a religous element

    The human soul has religious element and factors to it that science cannot explain. No matter how much time and research is spent on this topic science does not have the ability to uncover everything. The human soul is a mystery that cannot be put together with formulas or logic by anyone.

  • I Am Not Certain

    I believe trying to answer the questions about the human soul through science is a very important task and I am glad it is being done. I hope in the future we will be able to get a clear and defined answer, but as it stands right now we do not even know if that is possible.

  • Science and spirituality don't mix.

    There is some support for the existance of the human soul. There is a small amount of matter that is never accounted for when a person dies. This is the soul according to believers. Others believe that this matter just escapes some way that our scientists can not detect yet. However, due to the nature of spirituality and science, they rarely agree about anything.

  • No, science and reason can't prove the existence of the soul.

    Science cannot prove the existence of the human soul, simply because it is limited by its methodologies. Scientists apply logical, ordered systems of exploration to a situation, and the goal is to extract easily measured, strictly quantified data. The human soul is none of these things. It is an expression of the will to power, and it thrives on chaos and interaction.

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themohawkninja says2014-02-21T22:12:57.497
You have to define what a soul is before you can search for it.
Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-12-05T19:54:31.377
MORE Gibberish.

A soul, a being, is what a person IS, not something that a person HAS.

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