• We're stronger together.

    The kingdom of Scotland and England has been united since 1706. We share a common heritage, language and to some degree culture (our cultural values are certainly similar). Are economies are intertwined, we rely on you for North sea oil and the like, and you to a degree, rely on London and finance capitalism. Its good that we've stuck together.

  • In the long run, staying part of Britain was the right choice

    Yes, I think staying part of Britain was the right choice for Scotland, although the vote was very close so the country is quite divided. In the long run, I think the people of Britain, and indeed the world as a whole, needed to be united rather than segregated. In this particular case, even more so, the country is one land mass and should learn to unite.

  • Scotland Made the Right Choice

    Voting yes would have been disasterous to Scotland. They are a poor region that would become one of the poorest countries in Western Europe. They would have had no currency and even less jobs as corporations fled southward. It is unlikely that they would have qualified for the Eurozone, so they would have had to go it alone.

  • They would have been eaten up.

    Scotland is a small country, and it is not powerful. Without England, they would have a hard time protecting themselves. Also, it would spell trouble in a region where there is already tension between the Irish and the Brits. Scotland was smart to know that it needs to stay unified for its own protection and for its own economy.

  • scottland made the right choice

    scottland did make the right choice by staying with britian , they dont need to be independent if they need help from other sources they need to be able to get it, its better to have other sources willing to help if you are in true need ot assistance then to be on your own

  • A chance for freedom lost.

    There are many arguments as to why Scotland shouldn't leave Britain and most of them are lame. Imagine a slave owner saying to a slave, don't leave how will you care for yourself? You have no money, you don't know how to read, or farm, all you know how to do is pick cotton please stay. Freedom would be hard no doubt, but in the long run an independent Scotland would have been better off. Scotland had an opportunity to actually make a country that businesses could flock to in the region with lower taxes and less bureaucratic bs. Most issues like currency and property problems would have been sorted out shortly. Scotland has little need to defend itself as it has few threats other than being part of a warmongering country that is more susceptible to terrorist attacks.

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