• Scotland deserves Independence

    Scotland should be Independent, All we Scots have ever done is stand below England, Let the English control us. That's not what we deserve. Saying Scotland would fail on its own is not true, We have the oil, we have the people and all we need now is freedom from the country that's held us in its grasp for hundreds of years.

  • Scotland should be Independent

    For the benefit of the people of Scotland, the country should be independent. Some people feel it would be best for Scotland to not be independent and rely on other countries. When this happens, the population of Scotland will have their freedoms start to erode. It is a gradual, slight process that will take place.

  • Yes, the Scots deserve independence.

    I can't remember how long it has been since the Scots were under English control, but I think it is somewhere around 8 centuries. This is the modern world, and if the Scottish want to stand on their own, they should be able to. Colonialism has to end already, and for good.

  • Polls Don't Support It

    As of right now 38% of the population, according to polls, is in favor of independence from the United Kingdom. Given the small stature of the United Kingdom and the fact that these two countries share the same small plot of land I don't understand, as an American, why they would want to separate. Given that the majority of their population does not uphold this idea, I do not think they should move forward at this time.

  • Scotland gains nothing with independence.

    In the time of feudal lords, kings, and queens, Scotland would have benefited greatly by breaking off from the UK. These days it doesn't make much sense. They will no longer benefit from Britains Navy. This doesn't seem like a big deal, but it could be. No one is set to invade Scotland, but naval security is still required in order to maintain sovereignty. Foreign refugees will build or board boats in order to make it to a country other than their native one. This is a naval concern. There are many other issues, this is just one that no one is talking about.

  • Would not work

    Scotland should not be independent. While Scotland has a distinct culture, Scotland has been part of the UK for hundreds of years, and has a culture within the UK as strong as their own. The debt burden alone would make Scotland's economy weaker than if they were in the UK.

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