Do you think Scotland will vote to break away from the United Kingdom?

  • Bis Businesses Has No Reason To Leave.

    Never forget that the main backbone to the UK Pound Sterling is in fact, British Petroleum. Imagine all the tax breaks they would lose should Scotland ever secede.

    In today's day and age with the average person lacking a back bone and all the government-assisted living, that someone would ever give up the luxuries only for personal or national honor.

    British Petroleum will continue to rake in the millions and keep the UK afloat and apart from the European Union.

  • towards independence and freedom

    Scotland will vote to break away from the UK. Most of such nation have turned into independent nation. Independence will bring both opportunities and threats which has to be dealt carefully. Freedom comes for the nation and can become independent sovereign nation. The opportunities are endless and Scottish people will welcome such freedom.

  • Just Say No

    This whole campaign has been run by that repugnant little troll Salmond and the quicker the country says no, the quicker he can disappear from whence he came.

    Scotland on its own ... Great idea on paper, but in reality a doomed failure once the realise all the expertise they need is in England.

  • No, I do not believe that Scotland will break away from the United Kingdom

    Scotland needs the U.K. The support system is set up as such that Scotland is not large enough to support itself with out help. The U.K. has many more opportunities for the Scottish young as well. From Military positions to retail work, the younger generation will have many more options if Scotland remains with its British heritage.

  • No, I dont think Scotland will vote to break away from UK

    Scotland and the United Kingdom have always been in good terms for a very long time. Voting to break away from the United Kingdom won't be the best idea for Scotland fraternity. This would see the drop in both sides' economic power. Also both sides' have widely invested in different areas and splitting would bring about disputes among them.

  • Scotland will probably remain united

    Scotland will probably remain united. This is because there are too many risks with going independent. I believe they have been part of the UK for 300 years. It is taking too much of a chance of small-scale economic chaos with banks, stores, immigration, and border control. There are no rules set up for an independent Scotland for these things. It would just be chaotic, period.

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