Do you think sea level rise around the world is directly caused by global warming?

  • Global warming caused sea level rise.

    Yes, the sea levels have risen as a consequence of globl warming. The ice caps have melted and glaciers re falling apart. Icebergs are shrinking. This all adds to the rising sea levels. Scientists have known this for years and have stated it, now it is just time for the public to catch up.

  • Climate change is the cause

    To be brief, climate change is caused by human interaction. The sea level rise and fall is due to climate change. Because the ice bergs of Antarctica and the north are melting, there is more water. It is happening, however it is less of a concern for first world countries.

  • I'm melting! What a world what a world!

    It's easy to notice when something is real or not by those who support it that gain nothing from the information, and those that oppose the information who would have something to lose if it were true. Industry and power oppose the idea of global warming since they are the leading contributors to it, and they are subject to regulations based on that idea. Global warming supporters typically have nothing to gain but wanting better air to breathe.

  • Sea Level rises for a variety of causes, and the impact of global warming is difficult to assess

    Global warming is a serious cause for action now in the way we approach energy, but we should not confuse the effects of a variety of natural and unnatural processes with global warming. Consider that water which melts that is seabound is already displacing its volume and, as water warms, it contracts. This is combined with the effect of water that melts that is landlocked and flows into the ocean causing it to rise. Global warming may cause some sea level rise, but is no the sole contributor as a more complex amount of warming and regional cooling accounts for sea level changes (separate from erosion and plate tectonics, etc).

  • It is not rising.

    No, I do not think that the sea level rise around the world is the result of global warming, because I do not think that the sea is rising. The sea has natural rises and falls, and that cannot be blamed on anything that man is doing. I also do not think that global warming is happening to a great extent.

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