• They are the only Christian protestant that follows the Bible, The others follow the church of Rome not of Jesus.

    If you take a look at the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and study the christology, Missiology and the eschatology, They are closer to the Word than any denomination. They have a peculiar message of the sanctuary and of the judgement which most biblical scholars reject because they can not perceive the work of Christ and the sanctuary services from Genesis to Revelation in the redemptive work of Christ. They continue to study Gods word by prayer and through systematic theology and they do exegesis. They do not believe in the Apocrypha or the Deuterocanonicals to be the word of God as Catholics do. They do not worship on Sunday since it is a cult day and not biblical.

  • Seventh day adventist are Christians

    When we talk about Christianity we talk about somebody who us following the example of Christ. Christ honor the saturday and congregate himself on synagogue as it was His costume, Luke 4:16 ,and as the apostle Paul did too for those who said that the sabbath was abolish after the crucifixion (Act 17:2) , adventist follow Christ in living by faith though the Grace of God the law that was going to be wrote in the hearts by God. Steps to Christ presents this concept very clearly. Adventist keep their bodies clean and healthy as Temple of God as 1 corinthians 8:19-20 ask us to do by obeying God's command in regard to clean meats and vegetarian diet given in Genesis originally and follow by Daniel and his friends. Adventist are christians because as Jesus said I have not come to destroy the law but to fulfilled and as Jesus said to us Example I has given so you can follow; Jesus did not need to get baptize yet He baptize to give us example; the same goes to the fulfilling of the Law. We are to fulfilled by Faith in Him though the grace of God knowing that he puts in us the desire as well the will to do it, however we have to believe and act upon by faith. In Short Seventh day adventist are Christians because Jesus told us that in the Scripture you might think that we have eternal life and they are which give testimony of Him, and if having eternal life is to know Jesus and the father then knowing the Scriptures and living by every word that comes out the word of God is as paul said looking through a glass the glory of God an being transform from Glory to Glory by the spirit of God. In short SDA's are Christians because our hope is found in Christ and his word and not in the perceptions that many has given the scripture founded in self-righteousness or for another hand cheap grace which are at the most basic level an expression of selfishness.

  • Yes, they do.

    Seventh-day Adventists do differ in doctrines and beliefs compared with other churches, denominations and sects. At least the read and study the whole Bible for its beliefs and doctrines. SDA would be more related to the New Testament Christian Jews. Yes, there is much emphasis put on Ellen G. White for its doctrines, but if studied carefully much can be supported by the Bible alone. I am SDA, and I have not read her books since reading her statement that "if we studied the Scriptures the way we should have, we would not need her testimonies." (my paraphrase).

  • Yes, they do.

    The thing about Christianity is that it has so many sects whose translations are considered to be correct by those who follow it. The same goes for the Seventh-Day Adventists. There is no difference between how right they are and how right Roman Catholics are. Just different sects is all.

  • Yes They Do

    Seventh-Day Adventists follow many of the same practices of other Christian denominations they simply believe that the day of rest was attributed improperly. People shouldn't assume there is something inherently wrong with the denomination or assume they aren't Christian solely based on the fact that they have church on Saturday instead of Sunday.

  • They do not reflect the main strings of Christianity

    I'm an ex SDA, Currently, A christian (non-denominational).

    The Adventists are fundamentalist persons who are far away from the Christ message.

    They reject the well argumented dualism (soul and body), And believe that soul isn't without body, "soul-sleep"

    Some other breakpoints from the main Christianity strings is their claim to be the "remnant, The true ones", Their claim on "spirit of prophecy" thru Ellen G. White and the (really damn weird) 1844 doctrine about "Investigative Judgement"

    SDA don't reflect the real values of Christianity cause they emphasize the legalism instead the faith. Any other way of Christianity (for example, Non-denominational christians) that isn't their way is wrong, And any person with different ideas should be expelled from church.

    If you are looking for a tolerant and open minded place, Where you can freely debate with other persons, Share pov's and follow via the love commandment, Don't look here, Go to another place.

  • No they are illegitimate sons and daughter of Rome

    All of you Adventists like to insult Rome and how they change things but do not realize that you are puppets to Rome. Your leaders were influenced by Rome and yet you deny it.
    All you would rather do is to argue and study the seventh day than to actually witness and save people.
    The catholics just shake the cage about Sunday and you go in your loop.
    Then you have the audacity to claim all christian churches follow Rome when you do the same.
    News flash you went to a worldly church and instead of finding a true true church you landed in another sect. It is a sect an you would rather be in denial

  • I do not think Seventh-Day Adventists beliefs accurately reflect Christianity.

    I do not think Seventh-Day Adventists beliefs accurately reflect Christianity. Seventh Day Adventists emerged from a movement called the Millerite movement in the 1840's. They believed that the second coming of Jesus Christ would occur on October 22th, 1844. When this did not happen they suffered a great disappointment and many followers disbanded and went back to the former major denominations.

  • No, Seventh-Day Adventis beliefs do not accurately reflect Christianity.

    I do not think that Seventh-Day Adventis beliefs accurately reflect Christianity. I think that while some of their beliefs are similar, I think overall, a lot of their main ideologies are quite different in nature. I also think that a lot of Christians might have issues with Seventh-Day Adventists and their ways.

  • Christianity propper believes in a soul

    The ideology of the Seventh-day Adventist is far an away a district break in Christianity. Death being "soul sleep" and that the evil will not go to a hell is wholly different than the rest of the Christian ideals. Overall the "Spirit of Prophecy" is another break away form the Christian faith and poses an interesting idea of continuing and authoritative source of truth. It may have its basis around Christianity but it is a clear break from the nominal faith.

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