• Sect not Cult

    Disclaimer: I don't support organized religion at all. That being said I would argue the 7th Day Adventists (SDA) are a sect and not a cult. If the basis of them being a cult is based on doctrines that are outside the mainstream of historic Christian theology I would argue that Mormonism is no different. Nobody called Romney a cult member when he ran for President. Why the double standard for the SDA then?

  • Yes, Seventh-Day Adventist followers are a cult.

    I think that the Seventh-Day Adventist following is a cult. While all forms of religious beliefs and principles should be respected, all aspects of the Seventh-Day Adventist following seems to point towards it being a cult. I think that even though I believe that it is a cult, they should still be allowed to operate.

  • Symbolism is not a cult.

    No, I do not think that Seventh-Day Adventist followers are in a cult, because they believe the same things that all Christians believe. It is true that the Seventh-Day Adventists have some beliefs in symbolism that are unique, but they do not have any practices that are dangerous or cultish.

  • Just a Weird Brand of Christianity

    Seventh-day Adventists aren't a cult because they don't revere one particular person. They are simply a different brand of Christianity. Seventh-day Adventists believe the Bible is the only authority for life on Earth. Seventh-day Adventists also tend to believe in God over Jesus as the holy father who created everything with his spirit. These people aren't a cult, they simply choose to follow other tenets of Christianity.

  • I would say not

    I would generally avoid using the term cult because of the negative connotations. WIthout much intimate knowledge of the group, they seem to be a religious following motivated by common beliefs and principles. This may be, by definition a cult to some degree, but it does not meet the traditional picture of one.

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