Do you think sex toys are a good way to prevent STDs? Image credits https://malesextoys. Co/

Asked by: otterly
  • Sex toys help reduce he amount of random hookups

    When a person isn't sexually frustrated and is satisfied, There's less chance to get oneself in a random hook-up. Those happen frequently when people are drunk and sometimes even too drunk to worry about condoms.
    That's why I believe that sex toys shouldn't be considered as a naughty or bad thing. They're actually a great way to pleasure yourself until you find the partner you want to share your body with.

  • Yes because they do not carry STDs like humans

    They are great, It is taking human sexuality and turning it into individual objects instead of things like genitals being attached to a human which can carry disease. If somebody only used personal sex toys that only they have used, There would be zero chance of STDS and zero chance of pregnancy. They are one of the best options for safe sexual experiences.

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