• All banking should be regulated

    Any sort of banking being done by an individual or group of people should be fully regulated for damage control purposes. Whether it is shadow banking or open banking it is important for rules and regulations to be in place. Many people may not like this and that is why they participate in shadow banking.

  • The same rules.

    I think that shadow banking deserves to be regulated more, not less, because all of the banks should play be the same rules. it would be unfair to allow certain operations, like shadow banking, to have fewer regulations than traditional banks or traditional banking practices. Consumers need this protection from bank lords.

  • Recent banking proves need

    The recent banking collapses and near collapses in the United States show how pooling people's money together into a single institutions can present a major risk for everyone involved. A run or major loss can result in financial failure for millions of people, so increased regulation is needed to protect consumers.

  • Needs More Regulation

    I believe shadow banking needs to be regulated in the same way financial institutions are regulated. They should not be held separate from them because they perform the same functions on a regular basis. Shadow banking was one of the causes of the housing crisis and it needs regulation to make sure similar problems are not created.

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