Do you think Sigmund Freud's creation of psychoanalysis positively influenced psychotherapy?

  • He had some good insights.

    Yes, I think that Sigmund Freud's creation of psychoanalysis positively influenced psychotherapy, because it helped the area of psychology understand the human mind. With Freud's insight, psychologists can dig deeper into the human mind and human understanding. He made lasting impacts that paved the way for future psychologists to work on even more complicated matters.

  • I think it helped psychology as a whole.

    Freud definitely helped psychology, but it all needs to be taken with a grain of salt. His patients/clients were of the elite sort, usually women that sought help for non-specific "megrims." Thanks to these individuals, he explored talk therapy and psychoanalysis, so overall I think he had a positive affect. It is important to remember whom he was dealing with when researching his cases.

  • Sigmund Freud's philosophies and methodologies positively influenced psychotherapy.

    Yes, Sigmund Freud's development of psychoanalysis positively influenced modern psychotherapy. While Freud's ideologies may have been considered unusual or misunderstood when he first introduced them, that fact is that many of his ideas have been integrated into Modem psychotherapy methods and diagnoses. Sigmund Freud's ideas overall were highly influential in his field, and not in a negative way.

  • Psychoanalysis is an important part of psychotherapy

    Although much of Freud's work has fallen out of favor, his creation of psychoanalysis is key to modern psychotherapy. It is an important part of talk therapy and makes it easier to reach the root of the patient's problems. Therapists use psychoanalysis to help patients make life improvements and avoid further psychiatric difficulties.

  • Yes it did.

    Psychoanalysis was the building block and foundation for psychotherapy. Sigmund Freud wasn't right about everything, but all of his ideas were thought provoking and caused a lot of research and observation to be done. He is either directly or indirectly responsible for much of modern day psycholohy. Especially psychotherapy. Brilliant man.

  • No Clearly not.

    It’s more ideological and baseless Work with no real attention being paid to ideas that predated the concepts he professed to discover. It brings the baby and the bath water idea out to the limit case. The ideas of sexual development are in clear contrast with inbreeding avoidance that is observed in the natural world. His use of cocaine is praised while the use of mind expanding drugs like LSD, are marginalized using the same “reasoning” that gives “credibility” to Freud’s ideas. And on top of it even today psychotherapy is usually ineffective, the whole idea boils down to something almost religious. You can pay a professional “thinker” to heal you. If only life were so simple.

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