Do you think ‘Simpsons’ Creator Matt Groening's new Animated Series will be successful for Netflix?

  • Matt Groening: Superstar of Animation

    I believe that Matt Groening will do well with his new show. Because of his large fan following from his show 'The Simpsons', Matt should have no problem gaining followers quickly for his new show. Once details are released for the show, I believe that people will want to see what else he can do. After so many successful years with his other shows, there is no doubt that he knows what he's doing.

  • The Simpsons is a classic. Groening is a genius.

    The Simpsons is one of the greatest and most successful shows of all time. It is still running after such a long time. Matt Groening is a genius, and I have no doubt that his new show will be good. The only problem could be trying to create something different after focusing on The Simpsons for so many years. Still, I have high expectations.

  • Names carry weight

    Although Matt Groening's new show probably will not be as successful as The Simpsons, nevertheless it will be a popular show on Netflix. Groening's name will carry weight and attract fans of The Simpsons to his new endeavour. When we look at other creators who have made multiple shows, we do see a fan base following their works.

  • Perfect partnership for couch potatoes

    I absolutely think Matt Groening and Netflix will make the perfect pair. The show he is most famous for, the 'Simpsons', has been around for as long as I can remember, and people still sit in front of the TV (and other devices now) for hours on end to watch it. Sounds exactly what Netflix's fans seem to do best.

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