• Yes I do,

    Thousands of greyhound dogs are killed every year because they are no longer suitible for their owner. These poor creatures are being used only for money. But wait dogs are not the only victims in this race in order to make these dogs run a prize must be offered. So piglets, rabbits and possums are hung from a mechanical lure and flung around racetracks at high speeds to get the dogs going . This is a cruel game for these dogs some are even killed at birth because they are thought to be never winners in a race . These dogs have shelter but are stuck all together in cages and are mostly given the meat f a dieing dog. This is just disguisting. That is the truth about dog raccing. Look it up people.

  • No, not at all.

    When I watch sled dog racing, I see a bunch of dogs who look like they are on a mission and enjoying themselves. I think keeping a dog cooped up inside a home all day is much more inhumane than having them race sleds. At least the sleds give them action.

  • No, I Don't

    Humans bred dogs into many different breeds for many different purposes. For this reason, I do not believe sled dog racing is inhumane. These animals would not exists if not for human genetic mischief on their part. Dogs pulling sleds is quite common in some areas of the world without a thought to rather or not it is humane.

  • Working dogs have food and shelter from humans, which is not inhumane.

    Sled dog racing is not inhumane because the breed of dogs used is considered a working dog, and their breed enjoys running. It is exercise for the animal and also gives them a use. In addition, being a working dog means they will receive food and shelter from human beings who own them. This is all good for the animal.

  • Sled dogs are vey well treated.

    People who raise and use sled dogs treat their animals better than most people treat their children. The dogs are bred and trained to run, they love to run, you can't stop them from running. In fact, they love running so much that the musher has to stop them in intervals because they will literally run themselves to death.

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