Do you think Snoop Dogg should keep the moniker Snoopzilla (yes) or Snoop Lion (no)?

  • Yes, Snoop Dogg should be Snoopzilla.

    I think that Snoop Dogg should keep the moniker Snoopzilla instead of Snoop Lion. I think both names are goofy as heck but if that's what he wants to do, then he should go with the goofier name. I think Snoop Dogg needs to concentrate on making better music than worry about monikers.

  • Snoopzilla is catchier.

    Yes, I think that Snoop Dogg should keep the moniker Snoopzilla, rather than switch to Snoop Lion, beacuse Snoopzilla is too well-known for him to want to change anything. Snoop Dog along with Snoopzilla is funnier and catchier than Snoop Lion. He should stick with the catch phrases that have already made him famous.

  • No, I think Snoop Dogg shoud keep the moniker Snoop Lion.

    I personally think Snoop Lion sounds better then Snoopzilla and it fits more with his original name of Snoop Dog, I think Snoop Lion sounds a bit more friendly and attracts your attention to him a bit more then SnoopZilla, I think overall Snoop Lion is the better of the two choices.

  • Lion is better than Snoopzilla.

    Personally, I really don't care what Snoop Dogg does with his name, but the name Snoopzilla sounds so ridiculous that I had to go with Snoop Lion by default. I mean, this man is in his 40s now and has fathered several children and coaches a football team. Grow up a bit, Snoop.

  • the snoop lion

    i think that a whole lot more people would like to see the snoop lion stay, and that it has a lot more fans then the other. I think that he can choose to keep what ever he wants though, and that it is all up to him what he does.

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