Do you think social media cause behavior problems ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Yes it cause

    Studies has shown that people who regulary play social media ,it increase narcissism and lost emphaty on people.Also people who play social media mostly are self-centered.It also lost human interaction.When i see in the restaurant,people doesn't interact with each other any more.And it increase bullying and marriage break up.Now a day Bullying mostly happen in online instead inside the school.Kids and teenager think it's fun to post some nasty picture and comment fool words.And you don't even receive punishment when you do that.Also social media don't have any security and privacy at all.Social media definetly change the behavior of people and it can cause harm to society.

  • It is a place to socialise and interact with people

    Well the social media offers a pltform to talk with people far away from you and to share memories with them publicly for the world to see.I think by doing this it encourages people to open up and join communities that they enjoy.I personally think the social media is a good thing and actually improves one's view towards people and themselves

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