Do you think social media is circumventing the U.S. judicial system?

Asked by: themassesaredumb
  • All indicators point to "Yes"

    Basing this solely on personal observations of recent trends... Yes, social media is seemingly allowing individuals, groups, organizations, etc. to now act as judge, jury, and executioner (though perhaps not in a traditional sense).

    Observed countless recent events where a situation develops, and before authorities even arrive or begin a rudimentary investigation, social media has already spiraled out of control: lobbing supposed facts, statements, reports, etc., stating (not claiming) what needs to be done, and then enacting some form of "execution" on any involved individuals (or group or organization). When I say "execution"...This can come in many forms. As example(s), people riot, destroy, disrupt, threaten, impose hardship, force loss of job (or credibility), etc. Specific to the U.S., it seems entitlement and instant self-gratification have taken an abysmally strong root.

    Even worse, if an outcome from the judicial system isn't as expected, well, social media "rage" soars through the roof... And someone or a group will resort to some form of action to "make it right." It seems vigilantism has been taken to a whole new level, but, instead of being "justified" in the mind of a single person(s), social media opens everyone up to others' perspective, and if there's enough similar thought/opinion, then chances someone will likely take action feeling it's justifiable.

    Discussion with individuals, it appears those I've encountered have enough sense to know social media is without merit (i.E. Opinionated), is self-feeding (e.G. A forum may have a decent following, then the press references, and fuels it to grow even further, when it naturally wouldn't grow to anything), and the level of scope to which social media "rage" appears is completely warped. I mean, thinking social media is a actual representing of the larger population opinion is a gross error. The U.S. roughly has a population of 319 million...1% of this is 3.19 million...When, ever, has a single social media forum, on a particular topic, captured (loosely) 1% of the population's opinion??? Yet, because social media (and press) leads us to believe "Americans are outraged", that action needs to happen? Seriously? And, yet again, people buy into this, and make life...Very unpleasant...For any individuals, groups, organizations, etc. involved in a situation.

    STOP. We have a judicial system for a reason, though not perfect, it's better than social media. Yes, this is a democracy (at least at the moment), so things move painfully slow...But for good reason. Hate to break it to you, but your opinions, accusations, theories, etc. on social media ARE NOT facts. It is driven by (typically, illogical) emotion rather than scientific investigation. Just because you see (in reality) a few others with similar disagreeing opinions about the judicial system or the resulting decision, does not mean you "must" go make life .... For anyone.

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