Do you think social networking sites are reducing our social skills?

Asked by: Gl123
  • Completely not necessary

    Why does a citizen need a gun when you have cops as safety for you. A gun can be misused by a citizen as well. Let the people who are authorised to use it use the same, like doctors are using injections to treat diseases and diseases are also many and common it doesn't mean we will start keeping injections at home and treat our ownselves.
    People do misuse arms when they are in possession of them.

  • It depends on perspective

    If one becomes addicted to social media, then yes , it damages his/her social skills. Social media is a place where people interact with each other. Through this digital communication , one can comfortably learn about what people like and how people tend to react towards their likes and dislikes. I use social media as a tool to keep me informed about trends ,as well as problems, and how people respond to it . I can then use this knowledge to comfortably socialize with people in person , since I know what's trending and how people tend to feel about it

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