• It only works one way!

    Im only going to comment on social norms in relation to gender here. It seems its ok for girls to behave like boys (eg football, boys clothes, "mens jobs", outdoor hobbies, even boxing) but it isnt ok for a boy to behave or have interest that are seen as "for girls" eg makeup, girls clothes, dolls, "womens' occupations" etc.

  • Politically correct bull.

    Yes, political correctness is the new social norm. Today, if you say anything that any group could find even a little offensive, your just a horrible person. Don't say mailman because that is sexist. Don't say Indian because that is racist. Don't say Merry Christmas because then your prejudice religiously. In politics, it has gone to extremes for those on the left. If you insult a specific, woman who may deserve it, it's treated like an insult to all women. If you want a wall to stop illegal entry, your attacking their race. If you restrict specific countries based on ties to terrorism, your attacking their religion. Funny thing is, when past democrats did the same or similar things, it didn't even get criticized.
    Look, a long time ago. The word negro was an acceptable term. In fact, it's what the N stands for in UNCF (United Negro College Fund). Martin Luther King Jr. Often referred to of his race as such. Since then, some people have found it unacceptable therefore racist. Tho this may be of no concern, today we have people in the LGBTQ community who are pushing for new words to replace words like he or she for more gender-neutral pronouns. Better comply or your evil.

  • Totally a yes.

    Today, there are stil a lot of stupid social norms like the one in the picture.
    I'll use that as an example.
    According to what people say, boys shouldn't cry, so they should hide their emotions, otherwise, they're weak.
    In my opinion, it shouldn't be like this.
    If you don't show your emotions, then they'll accumulate to a point in which you either explode or just start to have a problem.
    Hiding emotions may cause mental health problems, it can affect your social skills and your whole life.
    And that's just a simple example.
    My point is:
    Social norms are just stereotypes that our society imposed on us.

  • Absolutely they are

    The supreme lack of logic with which today's society conducts itself will be its downfall. Whether this be in politics, science, philosophy, gender roles, civil rights, business, or other, blind faith and unadulterated emotion prevailing are the bane of the existence of progress.

    I suggest you hit sir.
    I also like to live dangerously.

  • Yes they are

    Most of the social norms these days have no clear explanation or reason. Also most of what society expects of us is completely out of reach. For example, why is blonde hair considered pretty? It's just a hair color. Also why are boys forbidden from showing their emotions? And why do we have to file in to a certain type of personality? We aren't walking stereotypes. We're people.

  • I just think people overestimate how much society really cares about their personal life choices.

    I really wish sjws would grow up just a little. Why do people care about social norms? No one will stop you if you choose to step outside the norm. No one really cares all that much. I was at the park today with my dogs, we saw a little kid fall and he started to cry. Not a single person got upset or beat the boy for crying. No different than other stereotypes; they don't really carry much weight. Just grow up and stop caring what you think other people think about you.

    I mean, honestly, if people stopped complaining about petty things like this maybe our generation could accomplish something great.

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