• Yes, socialized institutions have greatly benefitted society.

    Social security, Medicare, roads, and the United States Post Office are only a few domestic examples of socialized government programs that benefit nearly all Americans on a daily basis. While past experiments in socialist governments have mostly been failures, the implementation of certain aspects, such as health, transportation, and rights for workers, have been successful.

  • Yes, I think socialism has a positive impact

    Socialism brings a lot of positive ideas to governing. It emphasizes treating everyone well, and helping out those in need. A government does not have to be fully socialist to take ideas from socialism. The United States utilizes many socialist ideas, including welfare and social security. Without socialism, living in the United States would be much more cutthroat.

  • Socialism and capitalism are both good in small doses.

    There are positive and negative aspects of socialism, just like there are positive and negative aspects of capitalism. Neither system seems to work very well on its own, but combining the two tends to work quite well. Countries with free markets, but some socialistic practices, like free higher education and health care, tend to be the most successful, both economically and in terms of happiness.

  • Socialism Looks Positive Upside-Down Only

    Looking up from the bottom, socialism might appear to be a panacea to erase the poverty and painful imbalance of wealth in America. The view from the top, though, looks much less like a healing tonic and more like an amputation without anesthesia in which their hard-earned wealth is forcefully removed to be redistributed. People who do not know how to manage small amounts of money will do no better with larger amounts of money.

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