• Money was always only the path, Not the goal itself. Well then, Let's find a goal that today and tomorrow supports.

    Money replaced salt, Gold, Silver, . . . A simple an easy way to do it. It ain't that no more. It is time to be replaced as the predecessors were.
    Do we need something material to replace actual money? I don't think so. With money, We got all the way (from gold covered paper to crypto money).
    What motivates people? Statute, Position, Recognition, Comfortable state of well fare.
    Can we get all of these without money? Yes.
    Can we get all of these for all people? No. And the answer is simple (why not). Not all people participate to society the same way.
    Some follow they're dreams. Some follow an idea/ sometimes a road model.
    Some of us just go with the flow.
    Are any of them to blame? No.

    So why a single standard?
    Who are we to regulate every single aspect of society?

    Look how bad it is to insist to drive people like sheep in one direction. What is the result? A tech society without technicians, An unprecedented increase in % of non economically valid activities based on public money (EU), The refusal to upgrade to new sources of energy (status quo), And fake news, Opinions, Declarations, Politics.
    Loss of originality, Good ambition. A society where if you do not have a tutor or take a course you cannot (will not) learn.

    Let's get rid of the money and see what is left. It will change the world in a much better version.

  • In the future maybe

    With our current given state of society, No, Everything we rely upon has some form of monetary value, Our society would have to be completely uprooted and evolve. For a society to work without money everything would have to be free and everyone would have to be put on a equal footing removing the extremes of mass wealth and debilitating poverty this could be done in many ways. For a society to function without money technology would have to be able to replicate anything and everything, Medical services would have to be administered by technology. I think if technology can fully automate everything eventually people would have no need for money if there are no jobs for the people to have to earn said money.

  • A Better World

    Obviously. Less war, prostitution, slavery, drugdealing, crime and poverty.

    Technological progress will eliminate millions of jobs.
    How will the people who loose their jobs generate a income?

    I promote a world of gifts. You give people things for free.
    This would cause a lot of beautiful situations.
    Money creates a lot of ugly situations.

  • Look at the walking dead

    The Walking Dead is a great example of a society without money, especially when they allocated each other houses, they rationed food, created jobs and education and looked after each other. Need a car then you take one because it served a purpose. It can work quite well if everyone has a common goal.

  • Useful activity for the well-being of all, instead of loan for productivity which brings profit only for a few.

    Nowadays, money has become more than a means of exchange. To make profit without producing or trading goods has become the aim of capitalism, But, as money has no self-value, those who earn this profit know that money can loose its conceptual value by tomorrow. So, they try to secure their added value by purchasing property, water recources, forests, life stock and what so ever. While on the other hand they do preach us"Money makes the world go round." Beleaving in that, we are willing to do all sorts fo labour which we do not like or are even unethical. If we were provided free with basic needs like suffiient and healthy food and water, shelter and clothing, healthcare and medication, energy and so on, why should we not work for that?
    In fact, the existing infrastructure and distributor Systems could just go on working. Farmers can farm, because that is what they have learned. But there were no need struggling to pay off credits and interest rates. Many production lines would become unnecessary. But to make a society without money flourish a new education system would be needed. We need to learn compassion, mutual understanding, responsibility, environmental awareness, and being trained in mindfulness and emotional intelligence. I will take time and endeavour.
    But, if we do not stop our current behaviour, our planet will die, a planet that has given birth to us, as humanity. Which usually provides everything in abundance. And for a little profit, before we have to let go everything (in death), we squander this abundance, leaving nothing for our kids and further generations.

  • Yes but there are consequences.

    We would loose lots of jobs. For example, we don't need 10 energy companies. So every job can be done once. This means people get more spare time.
    Another benefit is that the quality of the products get higher. People can focus on the product not on how to make money.
    Last benefit I will mention is that everyone can get the products they need. I'm sure we do have the capacity to give everyone an Iphone.

  • Money is the ptoblem.

    When a mager project needs to be done money all ways gets in the way. With out money the project gets done to perfection and every body enjoys the fruit of there labor. We don't need money it just gets in the way agree. Can you imagine if money was never thought of.

  • At some point this might work.

    I think there may be a day when money will no longer be necessary. When this day comes, we may no longer have extremes such as the mega rich and the very poor. Not having money would tend to put everyone on an even playing field. Everyone would contribute to society, everyone would get food and housing in return, and everyone would have access to the same level of medical care.

  • Yes, we could live in a world without money

    We do not have to live in a monetary system, as we currently do. We could live in a world without money, but first we would have to address some other major issues. If the countries of the world agreed to erase the national debt for all the world countries, that would be a starting point.

  • Barter And Trade

    There was a time in the past when society functioned without money, therefore it is entirely possible for society to function without it. Humans lived for years without money or currency, they used a barter and trade system. I think these systems are actually better because they tend to serve the needs of the individual better. Money has led to massive capitalist system that depends on consuming products a person doesn't even really need.

  • Money is the anthem of success

    I'm your National Anthem
    God, you're so handsome
    Take me to the Hamptons
    Bugatti Veyron

    He loves to romance them
    Reckless abandon
    Holdin' me for ransom
    Upper echelon

    He says to "be cool" but
    I don't know how yet
    Wind in my hair
    Hand on the back of my neck
    I said, "Can we party later on?"
    He said, "Yes, yes, yes"

    Tell me I'm your National Anthem
    Booyah, baby, bow down
    Making me say wow now
    Tell me I'm your National Anthem
    Sugar, sugar, how now
    Take your body downtown
    Red, white, blue is in the sky
    Summer's in the air and
    Baby, heaven's in your eyes
    I'm your National Anthem

    Money is the reason
    We exist
    Everybody knows it, it's a fact
    Kiss, kiss

  • Only if you want to be perpetually poor.

    Paper currency has no intrinsic value, but it does serve as a universal way to demonstrate accumulated value. Thus, even in prison where access to paper money is prohibited, inmates create systems to signal wealth.

    The major advantage of currency over barter is its flexibility. You can take it anywhere, and you can have it be accepted anywhere. Imagine having to drag your corn around with you until you could find someone willing to trade you beef. In reality, you would never do so, and would trade primarily with your direct neighbors. In other words, you would be poor beyond the extent of your current imagination.

    If what you really want is for people to no longer keep score of what they've produced, this answer won't satisfy you. But then, neither will reality.

    Posted by: Cato
  • No money is monetary and important

    Money is a big part of how the world is ran today. You have so many different policies, trades, and events that work strictly off of money so money is very important, and a big part of how countries function. This will never change even in the future as technology and monetary needs become more advanced.

  • No, society cannot work without money.

    I do not think that society can work without money. I think that there are just way to many different ways people would argue about what can replace currency as a fair trade to services. I think that a society without money would cause more problems and issues in todays world.

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