• People have unsustainable responsibilities

    Soda is the American icon; Pepsi,Coco-Cola,Dr.Pepper,Mountain Dew quench your thirst and soothe your body from the heat.But how much is too much? This is a concern for everybody as the amount of calories and sugar consumed from the average American is 44 gallons! Yicks! Looks like someone is going to the dentist and their doctor because Soda stains your teeth and rottens it if you've seen the experiment of leaving a tooth in a glass of Soda for 24 days. It's disgraceful and unforgiving! That is the right of every American responsibility to be hold against their will if they consumed 44 gallons per year and/or 1 gallon per day! So soda is to blame because it's not the producer's fault.It's the consumer who risked being obese because they will to risk their health for bad's sake.

  • No, Soda is not to blame for the USA's obesity problem. Lack of control is.

    I do not believe that soda is to blame for the USA's obesity problem. As people, we make choices and are aware of the consequences. Soda is not an addiction and the quantity consumed by an individual is their choice and right. Just because something is out there, doesn't mean you "have to" consume it or take part of it. That is part of being a free country.

  • No, soda is not to blame for the USA's obesity problem.

    People make their own choices and if people to choose to eat and drink in an unhealthy way then they can expect to become obese. Soda as well as many other items are bad for your health and can lead to becoming obese, but it is ultimately the person's choice as to what they want to put into their body. Saying soda is the cause of the USA's obesity problem is like saying that guns kill people. People have the option of eating healthier, but some choose not to for one reason or another.

  • America's food attitude is the bigger problem

    Soda is a dangerous contributor to obesity, as it's very easy to drink three or four and put on a few hundred calories without even realizing it -- personal experience speaking here! But this isn't that different from drinking beer, and American food portions are more of an issue. We need to restrict our calorie intake to more realistic levels; it's not fair or practical to pinpoint the obseity epidemic to one substance.

  • It's only one piece of the problem

    I don't think any one factor can completely account for the obesity problem in the US. Unfortunately, it's a multi-faceted problem with a lot of sources. That said, sugary drinks and sodas are certainly not helping anyone lose weight. Soda has been continually linked with obesity, and the US consumes far more soda per capita than just about any other country in the world. We would be completely obtuse if we didn't consider this to be a part of the problem.

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