Do you think some people deserve to get violence against them?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Deserve, yes. Helpful or not, another story.

    Everyone *deserves* violence against them. When we say "no one is perfect", it's not just that some people are clumsy. Everyone has a self-centred streak to them. Most crime involves valuing oneself over someone else in some way, we simply draw the line for "crime" on basis of practicality. Which is the point: violence against all would be impractical.

  • The truth is needed

    I believe that people who do harm to others for fun or just to look cool, should be executed. No-one should killed a toddler or a child just because the child got on your nerves or they won't stop crying or you couldn't handle them. Well if you couldn't handle a child why in the world would you keep one and even crazier put your self in the position to have one. Adults have no right to kill their child or children if they choose to keep them. If they abort them thats their choice, but if you choose to keep your child and comfort them. I know for a fact no parent what to have a child to just to have the child and kill them, that just show that you need help as a parent or guardian to provided for the child. The youth of today are our future and should not be killed off, so i leave you with this, protect our children, look out for them even thou you might not know their name, and stand up for their safety and yours

  • Yes on some occasions

    I do not support domestic violence whatsoever. Also there is a line between punishment for doing a wrong and then there is plain abuse/ torture. Torture I believe is wrong in any scenario. Even to get enemy informants to talk. So in general no I do not support violence however as punishment I believe it is okay.

  • It is the golden rule.

    There are some people that just deserve some kind of violent punishment. For instance, while some younger children can be whipped into shape just be yelling at them. When they are teens they have less respect because they know that authority figures cannot hit them. This goes for criminals and other people who do bad things. We need to make sure they don't do it again rather than always treating them with respect.

  • No one deserves violence.

    If someone does something that you do not agree with does not mean they deserve to be assaulted. If they are physically assaulting you, then yes fight back. But to actually go inflict physical harm on someone for a reason you think is righteous shows more about a person committing the violence. That is they are a criminal and deserve to go to jail.

  • Violence begets violence.

    One may believe that another person deserves violence to happen to that person but, should one act on it, one would be a target for violence as well. Justified or not, violence is never a solution as it leaves behind too many unwanted and unsavory consequences for BOTH parties involved to deal with in the aftermath.

  • Violence is not the best way to punish someone.

    Noone has the right to act violent on anyone. Eben if someone has done bad to another person physically, it is not necessary that you pay back physically or violently. It is actually found that punishing someone morally does more good than by punishing them violently. Moral has more effect on people than violence.

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Adam2 says2014-05-20T02:11:08.827
Also I'm portraying Glazer as a Klansman. The circle is supposed to be the cross of the Klan.
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I'm mocking Glazer's facial features to make fun of him.
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And the Nazi is holding a baseball bat