• I think we could design better helmets and perhaps evaluate rules to see if injuries can be prevented.

    Playing a sport like football is inherently risky, and the players should understand that and therefore assume that risk. They don't have to play football and could probably make a living and be healthier and experience less risk and less pain if they chose to do something else. However, they also need to be provided with a defense against that risk if such a defense exists. If helmets can be made better, they should be made better. It's not like the NFL can't afford it.

  • Yes, no doubt

    Something definitely needs to be done about concussions in the NFL. Concussions are a big problem and major health concern. We need to better research concussions and how to prevent them. Concussions can be deadly and they have become far to common in the NFL. The NFL should never have covered up the concussion problem.

  • Yes I do

    I am so glad the football concussion problem has been brought to light and is receiving such wide attention. The NFL has a responsibility to take the lead and address and solve this issue as much as possible. The traumatic head injuries caused by football are a very serious issue.

  • They should do something about the concussions.

    Yes because people have been dying each year from a concussions . You can get a some kind of an disease, memory loss and depression. So if came across this this website, you should choose yes because like I said because people have been dying and dying fro a really bad concussion

  • Nothing should have to be done

    America is turning soft in every aspect of life. The guys who put there heads in harms way, put it there by choice. There are ways to tackle with out using your head. Many people think concussions only happen in football ,but they don't girls soccer was the leading in the polls with the most concussions. Football was 4th.

  • Make sure players sign a waiver.

    Granted, I am sure they do but the waivers are being ignored as players are suing because "not providing accurate information about the risk of head injuries."(1) Seriously? These guys way 250+ lbs and are ramming their heads into other guys that weigh about the same. Do they really expect us to believe they did not know they risked a head injury? I mean really, if they are that dumb that they didn't realize the risk, before playing, they can't claim their stupidity is from playing.
    Yes, the game has risks. That's why the players get paid huge amounts of money. If they wanted to play something with almost no risk of injury, they should play golf or something else some people call sports.
    I am no fortune teller but I can guess what is coming next. Schools of all types will stop having football because they fear being sued by parent. Next, all contact sports are gone. Next, all activities that have risk involved are gone. Next thing you know, the homecoming game will involve a chess board.


  • Nothing needs done.

    Sports medicine and equipment design have successfully lowered the risk factors of contact sports. I think Hockey players are just as at risk as football players in the nfl for concussions. The rules imposed on nfl defensive play has lowered the overall risk of injury to offensive wide outs, receivers, backs and quarterbacks.

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