• Yes, Sony's vue will be succesful.

    Sony has decided to get into the extremely popular, television streaming business with it's Vue. Right now a lot of companies are doing this. They will have stiff competition. Playstation 3 and 4 are both immensely popular and they will be even more so when Vue starts streaming. The other great thing about Vue is that it allows for live streaming from networks.

  • No , i think it won't be successful

    i think it won't be successful because most people don't have a console in their homes , most people have their normal cable tv and they most likely won't buy a console just to have a new cable option , is it possible ? maybe , but in the near future

  • No, first versions of big ideas rarely become the best option.

    While the idea of cloud-based TV provides a promising alternative to cable or satellite service, Sony's Vue likely won't be the go-to service. The first version of a new product or service rarely becomes the standard. Vue is like the first mp3 player, not the iPod. Vue requires users already own an expensive PlayStation 4 console, something that won't appeal to non-gamers who just want TV. Also, they're missing crucial channels like those owned by Disney and Time Warner: crucial networks to compete with current providers.

  • No, Sony's Vue will not be successful.

    One aspect of Sony's Vue service that is very appealing is that, while it very much resembles a traditional cable TV package, with a multitude of channels all being streamed at the same time, it does not require a service representative from the company to come out and install the hardware. This may attract consumers. But until Vue can put together a package of channels entirely comparable to the huge array offered by competitors such as Comcast, Vue's success may be limited.

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