• Yes, I think South Asia could be united through cricket.

    Traditionally in history sports have been used as a tool to promote cooperation between nations, I think if used correctly and smartly then cricket could be used to encourage healthy competition and cooperation throughout South Asia and in general can be beneficial to everyone in the region that participates in it.

  • Sports can build a bridge

    Sports has always brought people together and allowed for people of all races, ethnic backgrounds, and nationalities to compete with each other. So many countries in south east Asia can take advantage of an opportunity to bond through sports. Cricket can be a great bridge for this idea with any part of the world.

  • Not at all

    I don't think that cricket is such a huge sport that it will reunite the region behind it. The region has a lot of cultural differences and other things that will be hard to unite. A sport, even though it is popular, will not be enough to reunite the region.

  • I Doubt It

    I do not believe South Asia can be united through cricket. Sports have shown the ability to bring people together, but they also divide people as well. We have seen this both in soccer and American football where fans can hurt each other. I think it is foolish to expect unity out of a sport.

  • No, South Asia cannot be united through cricket.

    I do not think that South Asia can be united through cricket. I do not believe that the sport of cricket is strong enough to unite some of the countries in South Asia. A lot of those nations deal with issues of xenophobia and racism that cannot be fixed by a sport.

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