Do you think state and federal government responded in a productive way to gun violence, bullying, and electronic surveillance?

Asked by: harrygizbro
  • Constitutional Issues Are Being Solved!

    Because of government restrictions on gun ownership, gun-related murders and U.S gun ownership rates have gone down dramatically. Our governments have tried in several different ways to bring down gun violence, such as establishing stricter gun laws and enforcing probation strategies. As well as these, if a criminal is convicted of a gun-related crime, the punishment has became much worse. Many oppose restrictions based on the second amendment, and it seems as if the government agrees. This is only one of the issues, however- there's also bullying and surveillance issues, which the government can't take as much action about.
    The controversial issue of bullying can't be placed on the shoulders of our two governments- it should be solely the schools' responsibility. Bullying is covered under federal civil rights laws, therefore the schools themselves should be required to address such behavior. Student harassment can be solved by educating teachers and other adult workers at schools and enacting policies that protect kids. This should have nothing to do with the government, but, of course, it does. Good policies have been put in place regarding bullying issues, and, while bullies are being restricted, free speech is continuously respected. This is a good thing, as bullies are being carefully monitored without violating their constitutional rights.
    Monitored- this brings me to my last topic. Government agencies such as the FBI and the department of homeland security build large databases around citizens' cell phone and email conversations. The government, at the same time, argues that this is necessary in order to prevent terrorist attacks in the future. Some may point out that surveillance technology has been abused in the past, but we're looking at the present here. Can people not be monitored for their own safety and not complain about it? Of course not. However, this is only to protect the US and its citizens, therefore it is a good thing- putting all government actions on the up and up.
    -my social studies teacher, Mr. Jones

  • Temporary Resolution through Restriction isn't Management

    If I take it all away that doesn't mean I've advanced the society I lead to stop using it inappropriately in the first place. This alone shows me that productivity cannot be measured solely by means alone; if the social climate does not distinctly change then compiling more and more laws does nothing.

    Lowering crime is not equivalent to reducing the likelihood of crime.

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Stefy says2015-05-19T22:27:29.903
All three? You can't have different responses for these different issues this is stupid.