Do you think Steam's new console will make a dent in the console wars between Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft?

  • Needs More Marketing

    I believe Steam's new console will make a dent in the console wars between Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. There is room for competition in the gaming world. Nintendo has obviously lost out and the corporation, especially the CEO is willing to admit that. I think they will do better in the future, but Steam still has a chance. They simply need to implement more marketing to get it out there.

  • No, not really-- it's not really filling a demand

    Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft have pretty much cornered the market on consoles and done a good job giving gamers everything they could possible want or need. Unless the Steam console offers something above and beyond what the PS4, XBox One, and Wii are offering (like better motion control, for instance), it's very unlikely that it'll make a dent. Besides, console gamers are very married to their particular system, and very few will drop their pre-existing console that they've used for years just to try out a new one.

  • No most find Steam annoying

    I don't think Steam can make a dent in the console war that is currently going on. The reason is most avid gamers have found Steam to be annoying not helpful. I know I myself have run into problems in the past with using Steam and certain games and I am turned off by the system.

  • No, Steam's new console will not be a top player in the console wars.

    I do not think Steam's new console will greatly impact Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft. I do believe that gamers are more than ready for a new console system, but I do not think Steam's is it. The Steam console will be just another console that is overpriced and doesn't really deliver anything new and different. The unit will not be capable of being upgraded which makes it very limited for the price.

  • The others are established.

    No, I do not think that Steam's new console will make a dent in the console wars, because the consoles that exist are already established. People do only have a limited number of dollars to spend on gaming, and it is hard to attract people away from Sony and Nintendo, which are already so popular.

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