Do you think STEM grants help (yes) or hinder (no) interest in science and engineering fields?

  • STEM grants boost interest

    STEM grants boost interest in science and engineering because the provide tangible proof that such areas are important to the national economy. The availability of grants encourages interest because students will realize that not only will they be able to pay for their education if they go into a STEM field, but they will also find more abundant job opportunities.

  • STEM helps encourage through reward.

    STEM grants help interest develop on science and engineering fields. This is because the reward of learning these disciiplines is established at the get-go. Since so many people in these fields go on to earn a great living, they can learn from a young age that the fields are financially rewarding. This might encourage more people to go for it.

  • I Think They Help

    I believe STEM grants are helpful in science and engineering. Grants allow people to pursue these fields and it helps provide the funds from them to do their research. Without these grants, less people would be able to participate. I think the system is archaic and difficult to understand. The way the funds are distributed need to be changed, but not the fact they exist.

  • They are too controlled.

    I do not think that STEM grants help interest in science and engineering fields, because they are too restrictive. The STEM grants are very specific. They are often awarded to advance a particular agenda, rather than to do honest scientific research. This is not helpful to improving honest interest in science.

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