• Yes. In short, People that invest in the stock market are trying to get more money for doing less work.

    By definition, The intent is to make an unwarranted amount of money for the amount of work performed by an investor. For instance, Say I worked for 2 months and made $5, 000 at my job. If I invest that money in the stock market, I want that $5, 000 to grow into $10, 000. In order for that $5, 000 to grow, Someone else needs to do the work to make it happen. I will personally have only performed 2 months worth of work to make that $10, 000. Most will argue that parting with that $5, 000 is a noble deed and constitutes a valuable risk to society, But while that may be true, The investor still only does it in hopes of making an unwarranted amount of money. The investor never assumes they are going to lose. They are literally betting that they can get someone else to do work for them and make money for them. And when they win that bet, It is always at the expense of the suckers that did the actual work to make it happen. It may be "smart", And also the American dream in a nutshell, Doing a small amount of work for an unwarranted amount of money is basically the definition of greed. Whether or not you think greed is a bad thing, That's a different story.

  • Yes, stock market investors are greedy.

    There are two brands of investors in the stock market: the retirement investors, investing small amounts of hard earned money judiciously in the market, and the one percent and their henchmen who make risky investments that undermine the country. Look no further than the financial crisis of 2008 to see how destabilizing their greed has been for the world.

  • Isn't That A Requirement

    I thought one would have to be greedy in order to accept the risks associated with the stock market. Yes, they're greedy and most people who surround Wall Street are greedy. I would challenge any one of them to live off the federal minimum wage without going broke before the end of a month's time.

  • Yes, stocks are high at the moment and investors are taking advantage of this.

    Yes, stock market investors are greedy. Because stocks are reaching their highs again, investors are scrambling to use this opportunity to make a large amount of money in a short period of time. As they begin to make more money, they start feeling greedy and even resort to overpricing their securities to make more money.

  • It's taking advantage of something

    While some people who are in the stock market may appear to be this way, financially speaking, those who invest in the stock market could lose everything in a matter of minutes. The stock market is like playing the lottery, you could win big, but the chances are rather slim unless you are invested in the correct company. It's all a matter of chance and everything could completely change overnight.

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