• It is stocks and the market

    With how the market has been doing lately, it is not to difficult to understand that some of the prices of stocks have gone up. Yes, it may be too expensive but that is how all of us make money on the market. You do not like it, then do not invest in it.

  • Yes, stocks are too expensive.

    Even if some stock market rigging has been done to make stocks appear affordable, I believe when doing a cost-benefit analysis you can see how the actual cost of stocks in the end makes them not worth purchasing. The stock market has a record amount of rigging and there's no sign of this changing for the better.

  • No, I do not think stocks are too expensive.

    No, I do not think stocks are too expensive right now. I do however believe that stocks are too high a risk for investment which is what is preventing me from feeling comfortable buying stocks at this time. The stock prices are based on company value, so rarely if ever are "too expensive".

  • No, stocks are not too expensive now

    I disagree that stocks are too expensive now. I believe that buying stocks now is a short term risk that will result in long term gains. It is necessary to take the risk of buying stocks now in order to profit from them in the future. The stock market will continue to improve over time.

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