• Disciplinarian for life

    Beat those kids. Hell, I got my ass beat and I was raised around drugs and alcohol and gangs and shit. I can tell you most of us kids that got disciplined didn't do all that shit while the spoiled brats were practicality lining up to join whatever gang they thought was "cool".

  • Yes, strict parenting works way better.

    It is important for parents to teach their kids from an early age that there is a matter of respect and guidelines that must be adhered to. If these borders are never enforced, then kids can grow up to be individuals who have problems with other in social situations because they do not believe that society should have rules.

  • Not to strict

    I think it is better to be on the strict side, but it is also important not to be to strict. There is a perfect balance in the middle that parents need to be taught, and that they need to find with their kids, so that they are raided right.

  • Being a strict parent is a more effective means of parenting than spoiling.

    Parents who believe that they need to be their child's friend are doing a disservice to their child and are not fulfilling their role as a parent. A parent's responsibility is to teach their children how to function as a productive member of society. Spoiling a child makes them believe that they don't need to follow societal norms. A spoiled child will become a spoiled adult.

  • Strict Parenting or Spiling Kids

    I personally think that strict parenting works better because the child is not being spoiled and pretty much getting what they want. I personally thing that strict parenting works better because the child does not try to disrespect the parent and knows when the parents means something the child does not do it.

  • No, I believe spoiling kids works better.

    I believe "spoiling" kids is a better method of parenting. I believe that children should be rewarded for good behavior more than being punished for bad behavior. I believe this is a great way to teach them responsibility and how to enjoy the benefits that come with good behavior, rather than being scared of bad behavior.

  • Spoiling kids is much better

    Strict parenting is not gonna work it is just gonna make the kids think they don’t deserve a prize I think that parents should spoil their kids and always give them good rewards if they have good behavior rather than strict parenting ok ok ok ok ok bye bye ❤️

  • Spoiling kids is way better

    I think that spoiling kids is way better than strict parenting because strict parents are not nice and they need to be much nicer ok and no I think that we should spoil kids more often rather than strict parenting ok ok ok ok ok ok bye bye love kids

  • Spoiling kids works better

    I think that spoiling kids works better than strict parents ok and no I think that spoiling kids works much and way better than strict parenting ok ok ok and no I really love spoiled kids ok ok ok ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok ok bye bye

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