Do you think strong language should play any role in determining ratings higher than PG?

  • Yes, language should be part of the reason for ratings.

    Strong language already is part of what can cause a movie to be a certain rating. I agree with this, because children who hear strong language are apt to repeat it. That is because it often gets a response, such as shock, from adults. When a child sees that they got a reaction from doing something, they think it's fun. Movies that are G and PG tend to have less strong language and are geared more toward children and families. Part of what makes them suitable for a general audience is having milder language.

  • It is inappropriate for children.

    Yes, strong language should play a role in determining ratings higher than PG, because language should be something that is reserved for older children. Children should not be exposed to swearing until they are teenagers. Parents should have warnings before allowing their children to watch these movies. Language is a sensitive topic, so the parents should know there is language in the movies.

  • Yes, strong language is part of ratings.

    Today everyone including our young people are used to hearing and speaking words that would have made adults blush only a few years ago. But that does not mean we want this trend to continue, and strong language should be part of what determines if a rating can be PG or should be higher.

  • Yes, language should be universal vulgarity

    Language is a topic that many people differ on, but can agree that certain words are worse than others. Children do not need to hear excessive strong language, especially at a PG rated movie. They will probably hear enough just walking through town these days, but they don't need idols and celebrities to be setting the wrong example.

  • Yes it should

    Yes, I do think that the words that are said matter a lot in the ratings that are over PG. I think that if there is a whole lot of sexual talk in the film, then it should be bumped up to a higher rating to protect young viewers today.

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