• Student Loans are a good deal for college students.

    Student Loans are a good deal for college students. Student loans have reasonable interest rates and are government loans, so they are flexible in the repayment process. Student loans allow some students to go to college who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford to pay the tuition. As long as the student doesn't borrow excessive amounts their student loans will be managable.

  • Yes they can be

    Student loans can be good things for students here in the United States of America and across the world as well. They allow for some students go to school that may have not been able to go to school before. Thus it allows people to better their community among other things.

  • A gateway to debt

    Student loans may seem like a valuable resource at the initial time of investment, but later on students will come to realize that once they graduate, they'll be subject to copious amounts of debt that they may not be able to repay within their lifetime. Students without the financial capabilities should simply be subsidized.

  • Student loans are an economic disaster

    Student loan debt is one of the major causes of the economic downfall, both current and in the not so distant future, of the economy. While having loans available to assist students in getting an education is great, they have been massively exploited. Over the last two decades students have had it beaten into their head that they have to go to college to get a job. Early on it was any degree would lead to a happy, successful life. Now it is only degrees in certain areas. It is rapidly becoming only Master's degrees in certain areas lead to success. This is in part because of the degrading of the lower and middle class due to wage stagnation. Prior to Reagan and trickle down economics, a single income earner at a factory could support a family. Now that person would be lucky to make barely above minimum wage and need government assistance to support his children and wife who also works full time.

    This lead to the establishment of the myth that college is the only way out. Unsurprisingly, when way more people go to college, way more people are looking for jobs that use those degrees and there are millions of people left trying to get into jobs that don't exist because there are only a finite about of jobs in a service based economy. That is slightly ironic consider those service jobs, which support the economy, are the ones being constantly attacked as lazy and worthless and "should get an education."

    Student loans also cripple the middle class because right as you are supposed to be starting your life, you now start it with $30,000-$500,000 in debt you can never escape from. Goodbye spending power of the should be middle class. As student loans became more available and the government which supplied them stood back and watched, colleges boosted tuition by enormous margins. The loans kept coming and year after year students trying to get an education keep getting swallowed by more and more debt while wages are not increasing at all. So no student loans are not good for college students as they only end up crippling your economic future in an economy of stagnated wages and no jobs.

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