• Suicide Attempts Criminals

    I personally think that suicide attempts should be criminal offenses because it is killing whether it is yourself or another person it should be a criminal offenses. I personally think that suicide attempts should be criminal offenses because it is still wrong to kill and it can be affected by the society.

  • Of course not!

    Whatever happened to free will & freedom of choice? All individual human beings have the right to do to themselves WHATEVER they please because it is THEIR bodies, their lives! I'll be damned if I let anybody tell me what I can or cant do with my self.

    Yes, it is too bad if its someone you love or even if its just a random stranger, but if you dont like your life, you have an obligation to do something about, whether its a positive change or a tragic suicide attempt, so long as you dont harm others in the process.

    The worst thing about suicide is those ignorant people who want to jump off buildings & make everbody watch & cause a bloody mess or, even worse, people who commit suicide-homicide. Thats a true crime! But if you just want to take some pills, alone, & take the Big sleep, thats your birthright. Dont be a BEHAVIOR POLICE :(

  • Suicide is not crime.

    Suicide is tragic. It is sad that someone could get so distraught that they would be willing to take their own life. Nonetheless, the choice is theirs to make. It is very unfortunate that someone could want to end their life, but it is not a crime. Instead of trying to punish people who attempt suicide, we should seek to help them.

  • We Have Enough People In Prison

    Why does everyone want to make everyone into a criminal. People who try to commit suicide are obviously having some mental problems. I guess the easy way out would be throw them in a padded room and throw away the key. How about we actually try to find out what the problem is and help them with it. This way they can go back to living a normal life and not want to commit suicide.

  • No attemped suicide should not be a criminal offense.

    When someone attempts to commit suicide they are making a plea for help. They shouldn't be treated as a criminal but instead provided access to mental health care. Efforts should be made to get them in to a care setting the addresses their problems. Don't we have enough people locked up for petty crime?

  • No they should not

    No, I do not think that a person who tries to kill them selves need to be put in jail for that act. If anything we need to try to help them out so that they do not try to ever do this again, and maybe we can save them.

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