• I think the madness will end one day

    I do think that suicide bombers will cease to exist one day. This is in part wishful thinking by me. But there are practices of past generations that we now look back and think, "What were they thinking?" I think in the future people will look back to the present era and be amazed at the carnage people engaged in. Society does advance, sometimes it can agonizingly slow.

  • Suicide Bombers Will Never Go Away

    The most difficult group of people to defeat are the ones who don't have a name. Commonly known as terrorists, people such as suicide bombers are almost completely unstoppable. How can a person protect themself against someone who blends in with the crowd? Many suicide bombers are able to be successful in committing the crime because they are often well trusted in their communities.

  • No, there will always be suicide bombers.

    A suicide bomber is someone who is stuck on an ideology and convinced that this way of thinking is worth more than people's lives including their own. So as long as there are people who can be easily led because of an empty space in their lives, there will be suicide bombers.

  • No, there will always be suicide bombers.

    I do not think that there will ever be a day where there will be no suicide bombers. I think that there will always be suicide bombers. Unfortunately it is a problem that society will always have to deal with. I think that as long as there are a difference of opinions, there will always be suicide bombers.

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