Do you think suicide is the "coward's way out?"

Asked by: ulagudie
  • I think it is

    Suicide is a permanent decision to a temporary problem. Its selfish in so many ways and i think that the only reason why people commit suicide is because they cant find a way to deal with their "problems" or the other simple logic reason is they cant really be bothered! Its cowardly to leave your family to grieve and suffer. Someone else could be going through something as equally as them and getting help from people, i dont see why they cant do the same.

  • Yes, it is a way to not face life.

    Yes, suicide is the coward's way out, because suicide is what a person does when they cannot face life. There is nothing that a person who is contemplating suicide is suffering that another person has not suffered before at some point in human history. People should walk through their fear and continue their lives.

  • You can't be bothered to deal with your problems so you choose death

    People who commit suicide, have essentially run away from all their problems. What they don't seem to understand is that they are often not the only people with problems, there are scores of hotlines and self help hotlines, they just require you to have some bravery and admit to others how you are feeling.

    What is cowardly is leaving your parents behind. Their most important task in life was to give you a life worth living, and they have failed at that. What's cowardly is leaving your little sister behind, with her in the knowledge that her older sibling would rather turn to a knife than to her, even though you grew up together and went through similar trials and tribulations. What's cowardly is leaving your friends behind, with them wondering what they did wrong, that if you'd only been brave enough to go to them they could have helped you, they could have comforted you, they could have been there for you.

    In the words of Scroobius, it's your life, it's your body, it's your decision, it just affects you. Or does it.

  • Face your problems

    Everybody hurts. Everbody cry's. Now its time to stop being a little baby going waaawaaa and face your problems. Maybe if you decided to stop being emo for once and go outside the Sunny D on your skin would make you want to live. If you are suicidal because your family doesn't want you get a new family. Leave and don't come back! Just because you can't face your problems don't make others face the problem of being responsible for your death. A real man or a real feminist don't take the cowards way out. FEEL THE BURN!

  • Cowardly and selfish

    I have had friends who committed suicide...When I hear what happened I’m not mad that they are dead, I don’t feel depression, I am however a little mad that our friendship was a lie...All of my friends know my view on this, and I tell them “if you commit suicide, I will NOT come to your funeral” and then go onto explain to them that it’s such a cowardly act that is disgusts me.

  • YES it iS!

    It’s tragic that their pain was so unbearable that they were willing to give up every potential good day to make it stop. I feel sad for them. It’s tragic that their pain was so unbearable that they were willing to give up every potential good day to make it stop. But, at the end of the day, it's easier to die, than to live in this world

  • Cowards would rather die then fight the depression and or pain that is killing them

    It's hard. I know i have it. I think every day all day about how worthless i am. I know that no one likes me i know if there is a god he also hates me. I know that I'm going to destroy every one and everything that gets to close to me just as i always have. I know the world would be a much better place if i wasn't in it. And I've known this for 30 years. But this is the life i have to live. Maybe i was a Hitler in my last life i don't know. But I'm still here and I'm not leaving until i have no other choice no matter what i face in the morning. Because what if i end this worthless existence just to wake in the same hell again? But i do look forward to an end. I hate life and i know nothing but pain and endless loss.

  • They are escaping their fears instead of fighting them

    They are escaping from their problems instead of fighting them. A real mam could get beat up and be dishonored meanwhile cowards will eat themselves up instead of the other guy. They have some mental problem. Possibly they are sociopathic and they are psychotic what will their familes think they would start a chain of terrible events.

  • There's a reason why people go through with it

    None of the points I'm about to share are meant to rationalize self-harming behavior. I agree that suicide is illogical and unethical (I'm a person who almost went through with the deed). And I'm not trying to make you feel responsible for everyone who commits suicide - you're not responsible.
    I'd just like you to consider the following:
    • Major depressive disorder is a real medical condition - an imbalance of chemicals and hormones in the brain.
    • Some people are driven to suicide because of this chemical/hormonal imbalance.
    • The MDD mind does not operate on the same logic as a healthy mind.
    • The MDD mind knows that it's not being rational.
    • An MDD person is not just a "sad" person who needs to stop being sad.
    • The suicidal MDD mind is one that has snapped – it's a mind that has stopped being human and has stopped recognizing other humans.
    • The suicidal MDD mind is one that takes all stimulus, relevant to the brain-owner or not, and twists all things into evidence of why life is not worth living.
    Owners of suicidal MDD minds don't want to have their feelings negated with shallow, condescending suggestions that don't address the problem. You don't tell a Type 1 Diabetic, "Think how hard this'll be for your family! How selfish of you!" A loved one should be aided when they have a disorder - not blamed for being born that way. It is not a thing that is cured.

  • Depression is a killer

    It is a wearing, Exhausting illness I am in my second bout in 10 years and the suffering and struggling is beyond comprehension. You are tired all the time but you can't sleep you can't concentrate to raesd watch TV or even keep yourself clean you want to hide away but crave company but when you are in company you feel eyes boring into you it's terrifying. Do not condemn those who kill themselves they are tired of the feelings the exhaustion and the isolation understand do not condemn

  • Suicide can be a deadly affect of depression.

    We all know depression isn't a choice, And there are many causes for depression. Most common is a genetic disposition, But most suicide victims suffer from a depression or sometimes dysthymia brought upon by a traumatic experience, Stress and/or anxiety which is almost always all of the above.

    Someone who isn't going through or has never gone through a true depression can't claim to understand the way someone who is going through it is feeling. Depression, Being the chemical imbalance that it is, Is something most suffering through it will and probably have been dealing with for quite some time. Even knowing you have a problem isn't enough for you to get help no matter how desperately you might want it. While it may sound as simple as reaching out, It's not as simple as it sounds to someone in that state of mind. Depending on the circumstances of their depression, They may already feel like things have taken their turn for the worst and can't see a light at the end of the tunnel. For some, It can also be egged on by others. Feeling like they have no where to turn and having others either pity them or antagonize may leave them feelinf helpless and out of options.

    These may seem like very specific circumstances, And they are. This is exactly what I'm dealing with. There's mothing seeing a professional could do for me, Because it's their job to tell me what I need to hear in an attempt to save me from myself. And going through meds has only made me more depressed as one of the side effects had for a brief period made me more aggressive and thus making things worse with those already looking to antagonize me. So now, With little to no options and already two attempts under my belt, I can't help but feel like things won't get better and that suffering through this when I've already been suffering for so long without end is just going to continue and even be worse for me in the future.

    Sometimes it's not about the cowardice of the action, But the cowards that put you in that position. As my traumatic experience that sparked my severe depression was brought upon by someone else. Someone I cared for and trusted more than anyone in my entire life. So now, Not only do I feel like my love and trust were completely misplaced when I already had a difficult time giving and even showing those traits and emotions to others, I would now have to live my life knowing I was duped out of my scepticism by one of the very type of person I spent my life trying to avoid. Leaving me completely vulnerable and with no hope that I will ever willingly gice myself to anyone again. Truly, A user and abuser could be anyone. And I'm not going to waste anymore of my time to find out that I'm right.

  • RELIEF, Not cwardly

    I have had a traumatic childhood involving living in a household where my father was drunk every day and beating my mother and us kids, To losing my six year old brother and watching him get hit by a car and dying and being blamed although only eight myself; to living in severe poverty where food was scarce and being sexually abused and neglected. . . So don’t tell me I’m a coward for not wanting to live. . Most people haven’t been through one of the above let alone the trauma I have had to face. . . I now live financially ruined and still have nothing, Stand to lose my job and then lose my home, Children etc. . I challenge anyone to live my life and find a moments happiness!

  • Suicide is a choice. It is anything but cowardly.

    Pain will always be there because the world can be a dark and cruel place but suffering is a choice. Everyone is their own person. People have fought for things such as the choice to decide about sexuality, Religion, Abortion, Whom to love and so on. Why? Because it’s their right and their choice. Some may not agree with any of it but it’s like calling a man a fag because he loves a man. It’s wrong to call someone a coward or names or judge what you simply can’t understand.
    It doesn’t matter who is or did go through a situation.
    Everyone is different. That’s a good and bad thing about humanity. Everyone reacts to things in their own way. It doesn’t matter if this person went through this and is stronger for it. This other person went through it and is weak because of it.
    The quote “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. ” Is completely two sided.
    For some it is true. For others things that try to kill you could make you angry and sad.
    So that point in people’s argument is invalid.
    Depression, Anxiety, Overthinking, Personal trauma, Life events, Separation anxiety, Feelings of being unloved, Unwanted etc. It can be a lot of someone to carry. There’s so much hate or sadness causing your heart to become heavy. Your head and your heart are in two different places. They are fighting a war so difficult that nothing else will even come close to holding a candle to that. And you can’t have a certain level of inner peace nothing else will connect in your life and if it does by some chance you will still not know happiness.

    When your heart is heavy and when your brain will not shut off on everything that is wrong it can cause overthinking, Depression, Impulse decisions, Sickness and anxiety. That kind of stuff can be more deadly than C4 explosives. It’s one thing to have someone else reck your inner peace but when you don’t have any? When all you have is war in yourself by yourself? You are left with one thing. Suffering.
    That’s not living. You aren’t in living mode. You are in SURVIVAL mode. There’s a difference.
    Survival mode vs truly living people.

    Who’s the most deadliest, Most dangerous, Most strong people alive?
    The survivors. Because they KNOW where they came from and they will fight like hell to not go back. ”
    But for those who don’t want to fight anymore it’s okay. It’s okay to not want to fight anymore.

    Unhappiness, Depression, Suicidal thoughts. . . It’s like cancer for your soul. Once you’ve fought to the best of your ability, When you are tired of fighting and just want to be at rest it’s okay. No one can make that decision for you. No one.

    It’s not the cowards way out. It’s simply a choice.
    If its not for you okay. Doesn’t mean they are any less of a person than you.

    - @LinzJeanie

  • Calling it Cowardly is Cowardly

    Calling it cowardly is just a way to make people feel better about it. Ironically, this could be considered a cowardly way of mentally escaping the reality of it. I think this thought comes from two types of people:

    1) people who do not understand depression and mentally reduce it to a pathetic weakness in the depressed individual who they believe should be able to cope with life's problems like everyone else. They do not believe and/or do not want to believe that these individuals have real problem outside of their ability to manage. And they don't realize/understand what it feels like to hate yourself and life and wish for death multiple times each day as any solution to your problem(s) seem impossible and your life without the solution(s) seems meaningless. This can become worse and worse until finally a person may resort to taking the severest of actions by committing suicide even though it is extremely high cost to self, family and friends to do so. This category may also include those who have lost loved ones to suicide, but do not want to see it clearly.

    2) people who are also very depressed, but are not in quite enough pain to end their lives and like to feel brave/superior to those that chose to end it by considering them weaker.

    As others have emphasized, I do not think suicide is a good decision in most cases by those who contemplate it. I believe that those who stick with life will usually find their lives tolerable again at some point and in many cases even enjoyable. I just believe it is incorrect to call those that choose it cowardly or weak.

  • It is someone's life after all if they choose to live or die, we all got to die someday true or not?

    Sometimes the pain is too much to bear and those with severe mental illness find it hard to cope with, Some mental illnesses are stuck with you for life, Medication is only a temporary band aid to rid of mental illness symptoms and doesn't get rid of the problems entirely.

    Some people just cant handle the pain no more and it is no other other person's right to call said depressed person a coward for taking his or her life.

  • No, it's not.

    There's nothing wrong with trying to escape your pain; that's a pretty basic human response. No one chose to suffer or to feel like there's no other option than suicide. Giving into hopelessness isn't cowardice, especially if carrying on feels like the wrong or pointless thing to do. I'm not trying to glorify suicide, but it isn't cowardice.

  • I fell like it's the only way out for a lot of people and it can be hard most time, it's not easy for many.

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  • Not cowardly at all

    I hear people say it's a fix to a temporary problem. Rubbish I say. Some people that answer yes need to look into the depth of depression etc is it always a temporary problem?? I think not. Depression can last a lifetime and can be so so hard to live a normal life. A life that is meant to be enjoyed and lived to the max, be happy.
    I personally suffer with BPD (borderline personality disorder) along with recurrent depressive disorder and bad anxiety. I have been trying to fight this for 15years now and still I suffer as I did when I first got diagnosed.
    It's not easy to live with. The hurt and the pain. Everyday is a struggle to wake up to. Constant sadness, Feeling anxious, lonely from not being able to get out into public or social situations to meet new people. Feeling like you have to face this everyday how much more hurt and pain can someone deal with is 15 years of this not enough. I try to help myself through medication and various psychological appointments, but nothing even comes close to being rid of this evil condition.
    So maybe think again before your eager comments are posted.
    For some people life is just not worth living anymore we need to stop this pain somehow and suicide seems to be the only real answer. Lack of mental health support and understanding. Sometimes I get turned away from docs etc for asking for help.

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