• Hightened security is a must.

    In today's unsettled world, it would be wise for Sweden to bulk up security. The country has had a rash of incidents lately, and enemies are taking advantage because Sweden's security is lacking. The country needs to invest the time and money into their security systems to keep both their residents and tourists safe.

  • Yes, as they are involved in a lot over-seas.

    I believe would be right of Sweden to bulk up security. The Försvarsmakten (Swedish Armed Forces) are involved in quite a few peacekeeping operations in Middle-Eastern countries including Lebanon and Israel. This could mean that they are at a higher risk of threats such as terrorist attacks. They have also, in recent years, reduced the size of their armed-forces which means that they are currently less equipped to deal with any issues that may arise.

  • Sweden should increase security

    In the wake of a recent bombings, it is imperative that Sweden bulk up her security. A country is responsible to defend her citizens and keep them safe. There have been several attacks over the years, which demonstrates the country is not doing enough to protect the citizens from harm.

  • Better safe than sorry

    While I am against people being forced to live in a militarized state, especially for reasons of fear; I do believe that a foiled plan leaves a feeling of unfinished business for those that attempted to carryout the plan. I think that it is best that Sweden, in making sure its citizens are safe and the peace is kept, might want to increase security for the current time.

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