Do you think Syed Ahmed's wealth is good for Bangladeshis (yes) or bad (no)?

  • Yes, Syed Ahmed's wealth is good for Bangladeshis.

    Yes, Syed Ahmed's wealth is good for Bangladeshis because wealth is the first step to leading to prosperity. The more money an area can lay claim to or have associated with it make it more attractive to the people as well as from outside investors. No great country exists without wealth within in. Syed is also properly using his wealth to benefit Bangladeshis.

  • He puts it into the economy.

    Yes, I think that Syed Ahmed's wealth is good for Bangladeshis, because he will put some of that wealthy back into the society. Anyone who has a great deal of wealth will spend some of it in their locale. That will produce jobs for other people that are there. Ahmed also has charity functions, and those help the people as well.

  • Yes, his celebrity image brings a lot more notice to Bangladesh.

    Syed Ahmad has a presence in the entertainment business. Because of this he is known throughout the world and millions show interest in him. This is good for the people of Bangladesh in the sense that it attracts tourism and commerce but also because it allows people to become interested in that country, when otherwise they may never have cared.

  • Success begets success.

    Those born in Bangladesh can look to Syed Ahmed as proof that there is a way to be successful on a global scale and be from Bangladesh. The city has grown to be much more modern in recent years and may have begun the process of casting off footnote status and began emerging as a modern hub of culture. Syed Ahmed's wealth and his generosity are notably positive for Bangladeshis

  • It Probably Doesn't Matter

    While Syed Ahmed is originally from Bangladesh he moved with his family to England when he was very young and he was raised there. I have my doubts that Syed Ahmed's wealth impacts the average citizen of Bangladesh, so his wealth is neither good, nor bad for them. People are rarely impacted because one person from their country met success.

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