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  • I don't think talk radio should have limits on free speech.

    Talk radio should not have limits on free speech. Freedom of speech is one of this Country's most sacred constitutional amendments. Freedom of speech should be protected at all costs, and should not be limited on talk radio or any other type of interactive forum between individuals who debate on topics in America.

  • FreebSpeech for everyone

    Radio and television should have as much freedom as the every other person in the United States. We as Americans were giving the right by are founding fathers to voice are opinion on anything and to no limits. The only thing that you should not be able to do on the radio is swear and any other regulations. Free speech is for everybody including radio.

  • Liberal television doesn't.

    No, I do not think that talk radio should have limits on free speech, because there are people who want to have free political speech and share their ideas. The people who want to limit conservative speech on radio are the same people who cannot imagine limiting such speech on MSNBC or other liberal television outlets.

  • Free speech should be honored always

    There is no reason that anyone should be disallowed from sharing their beliefs, they depend on fans for their sustenance, and therefore if they use bad judgments they will lose listener base. If there is to be a limit on free speech of any kind, there is a risk of censorship. For example, rather than the idea being restricted to hate speech or the like, it would potentially extend to bad examples of censorship.

  • There Should Be No Limits on Free Speech

    Freedom of speech is provided for in the US Constitution. It apples to talk radio as well. That said, the common legal parameters still apply. If somebody gives out false information, they need to be held accountable. That's not free speech; that is just being negligent. Also, inciting people to violence is also not free speech; that is a public safety matter.

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