• Yes, Taylor Swift and all musicians should help Kesha.

    Taylor Swift has the right to donate any amount of money at her discretion to any cause she so chooses as well as use her influence in the public eye to bring attention to Kesha's plight. It is my belief that the legal contracts between corporations and artists are heavily predisposed to favor the corporate entity at the expense of individual rights. With Kesha being forced to work for a person who allegedly sexually assaulted her, it is clear that the contract system does not work and in this case is dangerous to an artist.

  • Taylor Swift makes error support Kesha

    Taylor Swift made the incorrect decision to provide Kesha with financial support. She gave her $250,00. This came after a judge ruled against Kesha, denying her claim to produce music independently of her producer, Dr. Drake. If he has abused Kesha, that is a matter for criminal court.Absent that, she should honor her committment.

  • Females should support and empower each other.

    I absolutely think that Taylor Swift should help Kesha, but I think monetary support may not be the most appropriate way to do so. During hard times, support is always necessary in every way, however this issue reaches far beyond the realms o financial difficulties. This issue is about human rights and empowerment; the more important thing is to bring awareness to this issue in the hopes to insight change and prevent cases like this from happening again in the future.

  • No way Jose

    Why would Taylor swift, a decent artist collaborate and help talent-less trailer trash Kesha? some of these artists from today do not have any talent at all, they just jiggle their ass in very short shorts, turn on the autotune and boom, there is another Kesha. Just like Iggy Azalea. They don't make music, they make noise pollution

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