Do you think Taylor Swift was right in taking her music off of Spotify?

  • It's her music, she can do whatever she wants with it.

    I'm not even a huge fan, but seriously are people that butthurt about having to pay for her music?
    It's called her job, expecting her to giving it for free is the same as expecting restaurants to give you free food. Get off your entitlist asses and quit wanting everything for free.

  • Yes, Taylor Swift was right to take her music off Spotify.

    Taylor Swift recently announced that she would take her catalogue off of Spotify. As one of the few musical acts still selling, she has every right to do so. Spotify, like other musical streaming services, is great for consumers but terrible for the people that make the music. If one can still sell, they shouldn't just give it away.

  • Taylor has a right

    Taylor has a right to control access to her music as she pleases. Just as artists sometimes remove their work from YouTube because there are financial or rights issues involved, the same goes for Spotify. We can't just expect that all artists want to be pushed into the same conditions over their music.

  • No not really

    She's basically saying 'if you want to listen to my music, you have to pay.' which shows that she's not only in it for making music, but for making money also. It's really tragic for those who maybe can't afford to buy it, and can't listen to it for free with advertisements in between either.

  • I Hate Her So

    Having read Spotify's CEO rebuke to her pulling her music I have to say I hate Taylor Swift even more. I wouldn't have purchased her music in the first place and quite frankly I haven't really cared for any of it although I've been subjected to it in advertising far too often. I think Ms Swift needs to realize she's making plenty back for her efforts and if she isn't then maybe she needs to find a different career.

  • Taylor Swift was wrong to take her music off of Spotify.

    By allowing her music to be on Spotify, Taylor Swift was showing a bit of goodwill towards her fans and potential fans. I think that by offering some of her older cuts on Spotify, Ms. Swift was providing a nice service to her fans who have been so supportive over the years. I'm not saying she should put her new music out there, but I think by having her older songs available, she was showing some love back to her fans.

  • Surprisingly, I Disagree

    Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan. I understand why she did what she did but I don't exactly agree. When her album came out, I was so excited to listen to it, but I didn't have enough money to buy the album (I like never have money. I'm 17.) It would've been nice to be able to listen to it. Also, Spotify gives you the opportunity to listen to an artist's music, and that's often helpful in deciding whether or not to buy the album. That way you can listen ahead of time and see if you like it.

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