• I think that teachers are getting less than what they're working for.

    I don't know if they're working to resolve this or not, but teachers should get more I think. Teachers, in my opinion, is one the most important jobs to have in this world. How can we accomplish what we have today without teachers? I searched on Google of the salaries of teachers and it says under $60,000. To me, that's a bit less. I would suggest to bump up the pay between $80K - 100K.
    Please give your opinion to me.
    P.S: This is my first day in Debate.Org.

  • Of course they should

    Teachers should get paid more because they create the basis of education in billions of people's life's. With pout teachers, how would we gain knowledge? I don't understand why a celebrity like Kim K gets paid millions to just look pretty but a teacher only gets paid about $35,000. It's crazy how they think celebrities benefit society more.

  • They definitely should be.

    Teachers are vital to the future. They say kids are the future, but if there aren't any adults to teach the future what kind of world will we become? They contribute a lot more than they get credit for and their salaries should be upped a lot. Teachers go through a lot and what they get back isn't enough.

  • --Why America is so far behind--

    The fact is, the US does not have top-quality teachers because teaching (due to low paychecks) is an undesirable profession. If we raise the paychecks and eliminate tenure, teaching will once again become a suitable profession and will therefore attract talented individuals to become teachers and thus make the country better educated

    Look back at Ancient Greece; teachers and tutors were payed almost as much as religious leaders and were very respectable and therefore required higher education to beat out the competition. Because of this competetiveness, society became more educated altogether.

    My question is- what can we learn from the past? Isn't that part of the curriculum in the first place?

  • To Fix America

    Have you ever wondered why it seems America is taking two steps forward and one step back? We are progressing, but at the slowest rate possible. This is thanks future generations as they come into the world and become the main influence of society. If we were to treat teachers as a more important role in society, our classrooms would become a better learning environment for students everywhere, increasing the chances of America actually making a difference in the world, a real one. The future starts in our classrooms, so let's act like it.

  • It is the most important job of all

    Teachers are creating and shaping the future. The job needs to be valued more, it requires a degree to do and most jobs that require a degree are better paid than education.

    Higher salaries would attract more intelligent and able applicants. Our best and brightest seem to be drawn to other fields.

  • Teacher deserve more.

    We pay our athletes, actors, singers, and other famous people to much, while the people who teach those popular, rich people, aren't well known much less payed a the deserving amount. I mean look at the teachers of all those people you hear in the news, watch on the tv and none of the people who devoted their precious time teaching that person aren't mentioned at all. And we pay the famous ones more then our beloved teachers who take time to make the planet a better place, by teaching us the ways to make it better for the next generation.

  • Pay Teachers More

    Without teachers what and where in evolvement would we be. If teachers don’t get paid enough then they could go on strike and other teachers around the world would also go on strike until they get paid enough. Where would that put the world? Us kids/students go to school to learn and become great historians, philosophers and inventers, but we can’t do that without teachers to help us achieve that. So now I will answer that question, “Where would that put the world?” It would put the world in ruins.

  • They create the lawyers, doctors, and the leaders of tomorrow.

    Teachers do a lot for this world. Without teachers we wouldn't have our doctors or lawyers or leaders or anybody who is very knowledgeable. Teachers are people who we learn from, and whom we respect. This society would be corrupt without teachers. Where will we learn the required skills we will need in our life? And yet these people aren't getting paid enough they should get paid more of course they work hard to make sure everyone is understanding their class and they prepare you for the future. Mostly everything you'll do in the future will come back to what the teachers taught you. I know what I'm saying won't do anything but it won't hurt to try. This is why teachers should get paid more.

  • They have the most important job ever.

    Teachers should be paid as much as doctors. They are the foundation of everything. Without teachers teaching we would have no doctors and other service providers. Think about it... How does a doctor become a doctor? By learning from a teacher. Without being taught by a teacher, people would never be able to become doctors and nurses etc. Its disgusting that so many countries pay teachers so little. Without teachers our world would be a mess!

  • Teachers not paid more than teachers

    Firstly my uncle is a police officer and he even has to do the night shift but teachers do not have to go on the night shift.Also police put their lives in danger to save people while teachers do not have to do this.So police should be paid more than teachers.

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  • Is there any other Job out there that grants you summers off?

    While what they are currently paid is far from the best salary out there, they only actually work about 8 months per years. So if a teacher is making 50k with 8 months per year of work then their salary is equivalent to 75k. They make plenty as it is.

  • Payment is not an issue

    If Payment is used as a motivational tool for better education, then why not pay the students, not the teachers? Because a teacher can open a door for as long as they wish, but only the student can walk through it. All we would need is to have reasonably high expectations, and the students will strive to succeed. This, undoubtedly, would be much cheaper, and more efficient.

  • They are overpaid.

    The head teacher of my school is on a higher salary than the leader of the country. The starting wages are double of what you could earn as a graduate working for private firms. For example, A teacher in this first year is earning double than someone with a masters finding work in data analysis. Absolute joke. Not to mention all the work benefits, Great pensions, Holidays, While getting to have a laugh and chatter with college students all day!

  • Teachers get paid enough

    If they get $40 dollars an hour, That is really good. With that, Yeah, It might be a little stressful, But you get to make the next generation of good young learners and fix the awful things that have come to America during the Obama administration. Teachers get paid enough

  • Depends on the state

    In NY and NJ teachers make great salaries often more than their privite sector counterparts 80k plus. I agree in many states like Mississippi they are chronically underpaid. Since I live in NY I see where they make enough and should not be getting guaranteed multiple percentage point raises every year. Lots of us in the business world have masters degrees too and dont get 12-14 weeks off a year. So again it totally depends on the state.

    My second argument is that my college and work colleges that went to poor school systems in states like South Carolina turned out just fine and are as smart as the NY schooled kids. So I am not seeing the return on investment to pay teachers a ton and get 'smarter' students or whatever the teacher argument is for getting more money. Most of my high school friends that are teachers were not even close to being the smartest kids in the class. So any average person with patience for children can do the job. It also becomes way easier once you start recycling lesson plans year after yer.

  • Teachers are being less needed

    Lot of kids are becoming home schooled and now access to Internet, we can learn a lot. Not saying we don't need teachers it's just when times go on the demand of teachers will probably go down.

    Also think about, what is dangerous about working as a teacher compare to a fireman. More dangerous and high demand for your job is more money. Also in my state, teachers take up most of the tax money for pay.

  • More than what?

    Most people have no idea how much teachers make. On top of this, teachers get very nice benefits that are rarely factored into the discussion. Furthermore, many of them are in unions that makes it difficult to be fired. There are way more willing teachers than there are open positions, and thus there is no need to pay teachers more to attract new teachers. Thus, until pay is based on merit, teachers should not be paid more.

  • I think they should get paid more

    Because without teachers there would no be doctors because the teacher teach the doctors to do what they need to do like fore example they thought them about blood types and about the medical stuff and they also teach them how to do CPR and what to do with there hands and how to take Gloves off

  • That is not the problem

    The problem is that we have the worst teachers in the world. Teachers union and tenure are problems that help to make sure bad teachers cannot be replaced. Just paying someone more without requiring they do a better job, due to skill assessments, mandatory learning, etc. will not raise the quality of education.

    As it currently stands, American teachers on average do the worst in college as opposed to private sector workers. Recognizing this, it is obvious that teachers deserve a lower salary due to inferior skill set.


    This discussion is the same as "Should mcdonald workers get paid more". If you are a hard worker, and are skilled at some job, you will not be working at mcdonalds. Just like if you are skilled in mathematics you will not take a job teaching students for half that you would make in the private sector.

    Don't let teachers fool you. Nobody teaches out of the goodness of their hearts or whatever tale about saving the world they want to give you. The only way to pay teachers more, is to require better teachers. The market will force better salaries for better teachers.

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