Do you think technology is really secure in our life?

Asked by: Aazi
  • I do think tech is secure in our age.

    I understand that most people think that the internet is a place where you can get your information stolen. Well in some cases now its true, but you cant say identity theft hasn't been happening for hundreds of years. Just because people as put a bad label on using web based transactions, doesnt mean its less safe then old conventainel ways.

    As technology becomes more advanced, so will our private security. Banks and such will have to upgrade there security as well. Thus, making it more safe. So we ill have finger print scanners to access our debit card and visa instore and online,making theft almost impossible. If anything, i think tech will provide more security then the old ways.

    Technology will be the way of living in the future. Right now were just intigrating into that phase. While were heading down that road, we will head into some bumps in the road. But that shouldnt deteriate our opinions about using technology.

    Rememder Computer technology is at its infancy stage. The web alone is almost 35 years old.

  • Technology the vegie knife

    Technology makes our life more n more valuable with the passage of time. Now we are more organised well educated which makes we to manupulate our resources in efficient ways ultimatle that all run this world n we enjoy

    but on bad side now crimes are also organised such as hackers who make possible high tech robberies. So how we see the technology in my veiw its like a vegie knife which we use to cut vegie n feed our stomach. We make that knife more sharp to cut the vegie more efficiently n fast. But some insane human can use knife to kill some human so that not the problem of knife its the problem of that mind who use it in wrong way

  • Well, they don't really improve our safety

    The concept goes like this
    Technology improve = Improve way to harm people so does protect them
    So in conclusion, technology give out more way to secure our life but at the same time give out more dangerous way to harm us, so it really doesn't secure our life at all

  • Technology Take Privacy.

    Today we are living in a world of technology,people are using new techniques like using credit card for shopping,using internet banking,taking online consultancies by giving personals details and much more etc.IF we are giving our information then how we can say that we are safe..We are not safe by using technology.

    Posted by: Aazi

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themohawkninja says2013-10-15T23:56:44.560
Here's my thoughts on this.

Nothing is unhackable, just as no bulletproof vest is actually bulletproof, but I would fell a hell of a lot safer wearing some Kevlar with a steel/ceramic plate, than nothing at all.