Do you think Ted Cruz would be a better GOP presidential nominee than Donald Trump?

  • Trump is the worst.

    Trump is hands down the worst candidate. Ted Cruz is crazy too, but not quite as bad as Trump. I think Ted Cruz actually wants to help some people (the very rich), while Trump just wants to help Trump. Everyone will have to decide for themselves if they think this is a good or bad thing for America.

  • Whoever he is or she is, that would be better

    Donald Trump is a multimillionaire and a businessmen. He is not a politician. If he is taking the presidency and becomes the next American President, we can say that he can only think of the business side and letting go of the other benefits of the Americans for four years. Whoever it is, he or she is a better candidate than Trump.

  • Ted Cruz would Lose the Race for the Republicans

    As a democrat, I believe Donald Trump would be the better Republican nominee because he would lose the election for them. Ted Cruz has not shown any backbone when it comes to issues. Whatever his political financiers want, they will get, even if it is completely opposite of what they wanted three months ago. So choosing between the two evils, I say Trump is the better candidate because the Republican party is going to lose anyway and Trump is more entertaining to watch.

  • Cruz is just as bad as Trump

    Senator Ted Cruz has nothing this country needs. He can't make up his mind when it comes to the issues this country and seems to do everything in his power to alienate the Republican party he's a part of. Although Cruz does not come off as "maniacal" like Trump, he has his own issues that this country does not need.

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