Do you think telecommuting is beneficial for business?

  • Telecommuting Can Make Happy Employees, But Not Necessarily

    Telecommuting can be beneficial for business, but that is not always the case. If telecommuting enhances the lifestyle of an employee insomuch as it allows them to stay home, not travel and not buy work clothes, then the business profits from a happy employee and does not have to pay for office space. On the other hand, if the worker needs social interaction or the disciplinary structure of physical observation, then the worker would not do well as a telecommuter, and the business would not profit in this case.

  • Yes, it benefits their bottom line.

    Yes, I think telecommuting is very beneficial for business. It cuts down on the number of offices a business needs to lease, and cuts down on all utility bills with less people working on the premises. Businesses will also find that their employees are often happier telecommuting. Since most employees telecommute from home, businesses do not suffer from reduced productivity due to call offs. Employees that don't feel well can work from home in pajamas.

  • No, telecommuting is not beneficial.

    I do not think that telecommuting is important for businesses today. I think that a lot of people are straying away from such practices and are instead focusing on more technological avenues such as the Internet. I think that it is more important for businesses to focus on the Internet.

  • People need to work.

    No, I do not think that telecommuting is beneficial for business, because people do not work as hard when they do not have a boss looking over their shoulder. With telecommuting, people are more likely to be distracted by family obligations or other things, and find reasons not to get their work done.

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