Do you think that 18 should be the legal age to ride a horse with a helmet?

  • Helmets save lives

    I am 19. I have been riding for well over 10 years. I would still never sit on a horse without a helmet. I have seen too much happen not to. Grown adults can make up their own mind, but until someone is 18 they should have to wear this simple, lifesaving device.

  • How stupid is

    This!? I don't know whether that is the legal age anywhere in the world but if it is then that country clearly needs to sort it's priorities out! If the person has had lessons and is qualified to ride then why can't they? Are we seriously saying that a sixteen year old cannot ride a horse now?

  • Are you kidding me.

    I have in total 35 horses. I have ridden horses all my life. For someone to ask this question is absurd. Obviously you don't just jump on a horse and ride it. You need to learn before hand. I learnt at 8 after I was 10 I never wore a helmet or anything for that matter. To put a legal age on something so simple is so stupid.

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