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  • No, a child's consent should not be required in regards to paternity testing.

    I do not think that it should be a requirement for there to be a consent from the child before a paternity test is conducted. I think that an adult and parent will always have the right over a child's will as long as there is a legal reason to do so.

  • No, I child's consent should not be required for paternity testing

    I believe that everyone has the right to know if their a parent, and to know who their parents are. Besides the social/emotional reason, there are also health reasons that can make knowing who your "real" parents are invaluable. I don't think a child should have to consent to a paternity test before one is conducted at the request of that child's parent (or presumed parent).

  • They can't process it.

    No, I do not think that a child's consent should be required prior to paternity testing, because the mother who wants to keep the father out of the child's life will just convince the child not to agree to the paternity test. Children are not wise enough to make these decisions.

  • No,a child's consent should not be reqquired for a paternity test.

    There's really no reason to get a child's consent for a paternity.Most of the time in these circumstances they are way too young to give consent so it's really not an issue.Those times when a child is old enough the procedure is not painful and is many times totally uninvasive so ethically no consent is needed.

  • Children are not mature enough to make this decision.

    A child's consent should not be required prior to paternity testing. This is because mothers usually know what is best for their kids. If mothers want paternity testing done or not done, it should be up to them. Children do not have the capacity to make such important decisions for themselves.

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