Do you think that a decline in American values is the reason the USA has the highest crime rate in the world?

  • What Are 'American Values' Exactly?

    What exactly are "American values" in the first place? If you mean the self-reliance exhibited by colonists and the Founding Fathers when America first became a nation, then our crime rate is absolutely a result of laziness and becoming dependent upon welfare. However, the United States didn't get this way overnight. We had the U.S. Civil War and slavery, which created an entirely new underclass of citizens. Immigrants came to the United States as we built an industrial power. Today, a burgeoning lower class is uneducated and won't make a lot of money because they won't go to college to get degrees, which is what more and more employers want. Most people are stuck in entry-level, uneducated, menial jobs that won't let anyone get ahead thanks to higher costs of living in larger cities. Yes, America's values have declined because we won't work hard to obtain the things we want. Instead, we get drugged up, eat at super-mega buffets and watch reality television to dull our senses to what really needs to be done to save ourselves.

  • Not quite, the lack of opportunity to make money is more likely the most contributing factor.

    The highest crime rate is coming from what we consider crimes. While corporations can steal from people, an individual stealing food to live is a crime. Since our form of "free capitalism" is supposed to allow anyone to succeed, it's frustrating to the people that don't because the whole concept has been executed as poorly as possible. Our society touts the ability for anyone to succeed, but upon closer inspection this is definitely not the case. Crime is the next logical step.

  • Morals are the cause

    Morality, contrary to what is clear and contrary to what people think of what morals are, is actually is what is causing the high levels of incarceration. People are seeking to use the government to criminalize behavior and populations that are considered immoral, leading to the current high levels in the prisons.

  • Our values are the reason crimes are reported.

    The asker of this question is not familiar with statistics manipulation. "Highest reported crime rate" is a far cry from the actual crime rate. If we had no values like the violent nations of Africa and the Middle East, we would not have a culture of reporting and fighting crime. Nice try, kid.

  • Do you honestly believe?

    Do you honestly believe that of all countries in the world America has the highest crime rate. I personally don't believe that is true at all. Do we maybe charge and incarcerate more criminals than the rest of the world, more than likely, but I do not believe we commit more crimes, therefore the question is biased and invalid.

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