Do you think that a large percent of American workers earn at a level that does not exceed the minimum wage?

Asked by: bigdave
  • According to Mitt Romney, 47% of American's do not work.

    If America has roughly 300 million people and 47% do not work, then roughly 159 million people work. 18 million people work at minimum wage. Lots and lots of people work below minimum wage (farm hands, restaurants, etc.). The first site below says 3.5 million people work in restaurants. With the assumption that some restaurant owners pay their employees at or above minimum wage, we will cut 500k off that number. The second site below says there are 2 to 3 million farm hands. This probably does not include the illegals and we will only count the bottom end of this statement (2 million).

    So far we are accounting for 14.5% of working Americans. That is a pretty large percentage.


  • Less than 3 percent

    Earn at or below the minimum wage. Data is from Bureau of Labor Statistics. Less than 28 out of 1000 workers earn at or below the minimum wage. One has to question why this issue is even on the evening news when fully 972 of every 1000 workers is not affected.

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