Do you think that a Trump Presidency will be bad for the climate change movement?

  • Yes, I think so.

    What he’s planning to do looks like a disaster for the planet (and the people on it). Specifically, all the fragile progress the world has made on global warming over the past eight years is now in real danger of being blown up. Trump has been crystal clear about his environmental plans.

  • It absolutely will

    Trump and his ilk don't even believe in climate change. They plan to immediately undo all of the green regulations enacted during President Obama's time. Trump has placed an oil lobbyist in charge of the EPA, he claims that China invented climate change and he's telling the coal miners he'll have them back in business. He's going to increase fracking and start drilling and it's not going to be good for the planet.

  • Yes, i agree

    I strongly believe that Donald Trump's presidency will be bad for the climate change. This is so because Donald Trump does not believe in climate change and he does not care about what the scientists have to say about climate change. He should be advised to listen to the experts.

  • Donald Trump changes views as needed and will change views on climate change

    Donald Trump demonstrated during the presidential campaign that he is politically savvy enough to change his views as needed for his own self interests. Trump was always a social moderate, but he ran as a conservative because it was necessary for him to win as the Republican nominee. He will also change his stance on climate change.

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